Thursday, February 24, 2011

I LOVE my public library very much!!!

Yes I will admit, I have a bit of an obsession with the library. Since I was a little one, I have always enjoyed reading. Anything crafty goes without saying, and while back in the day I actually used to READ books, without pictures, nowadays, I stick to the colorful books, full of pics, because my time only permits so much reading you know. Plus I am a very visual learner, and as long as I can see it, I usually can do it. 

We are at the library easily 2-3 times a week, and every time we go, we end up with an additional 20 books or so, on average. 
Today, before going to the library, I thought I'd give you guys a little sneak peak at what our book collection typically looks like. I've been pretty good about returning these books, and only rarely asses a late fee, HOORAY, because late fees suck, BUT, I can't complain. If I'm going to pay a late fee anywhere, I am happy to do it with my beloved library. One of my favorite places on earth, ever. 

THANK YOU to all who make it possible for me and my kids to have such a wonderful time every time we are there. Seriously our librarians are the best, and they totally know us, we are in there enough. I love them.
I'm totally into every book I can get my hands on that has to do with going green. You should totally start reading up on some of these things, you will be amazed at what you learn. 

Of course I always get organizing books, and crafting books.

With spring approaching, and summer soon, I started reading up on gardening again.
That book STARTER VEGETABLE is awesome.

My kids book collections, lol. Yes they have the sickness too he he. 
For the record, what you see here is more or less 100 books. 
I know pretty much crazy. Last time I had to open an extra library card so I could check out more books, he he. I guess they have a limit of 75 books per card, can you believe it?
Before you totally freak out, I did return 50 of them, and with the 20 or so I have in my bag now, I'm good to go until next time.
Now you guys will know my secrets, when I start rolling out some awesome crafts, you can go back here, and see where I got my inspiration from, ok. 

How about you, do you love the library as much as I do?
What are some of your favorite books to read?

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  1. It looks like you have a fantastic library with that great selection! I feel the same way you do about late fees, I prefer to not incur them but if I have to pay I'm glad it's going to a worthy enterprise. I love love love my library too. Even though our craft selection isn't as good as yours I know I save a ton of money getting my books and DVDs there. My mom's a retired librarian so I pretty much grew up loving libraries and most of the librarians in our public library had known me since I was born. Couldn't get away with having too many late fees when I knew they could tattle to my mom!

  2. You know I'm a book worm! I'm a novel girl, though. I love to get lost in my imagination. When I find one I really like I will sit and read the whole thing in two days. If it ever takes me longer than that, my husband assumes it's not that good. I'm fortunate that the company my husband works for sells recycled books, so anything that goes into the recycle bin is FREE. He is always bringing me home new books when he has a chance to go through the bins.

  3. I love READING... specially romantic novel ... still I am in love of Mills and boon, Barbara Cartland. Sydney Sheldon . oh they are great.. other I love to buy every craft book if it is in my budget. my CRAFT BOOK LIBRARY is very huge and I am very possessive about it... I love to read your trash to treasure and Family craft book... Although I am not a good gardner but love love to read books about gardening ... your post is lovely ... may be I too post something like this and share my craft books to all of you...

  4. How seriously awesome! You are my kinda chick!
    We use our library a lot, too! We moved out to the country a year ago, but before then we lived 2 blocks away from the library and walked there about 5 days out of each week. We'd just hang there, read, color, relax. And now that we are homeschooling I look to the library before I purchase any book that I know we don't need to own.

  5. I have never been a big reader...home decor books are my favorite!


  6. Oh Bella I'm so with you on how fantastic libraries are! My 2 daughters are well into them now too, and we all read HEAPS. I love that I can now browse the catalogue online now and request books from all over our area and get them delivered to my local library too!

    Oh and thanks for stopping by and entering my CSN Stores giveaway! Good luck!

  7. Hi! I'm a new follower and Maria from Agape Love Designs sent me!

  8. I love your blog...I just found it!


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