Friday, February 4, 2011

Dino, our new pet Tortoise.

Say Hello to Dino, our newest addition to the family. Actually we got him a couple months ago, but I'm just now introducing you to him. Of course while picking out names, my little Dino D, wanted to call him trex, or steggy, we finally settled on simply Dino. Seems fitting enough, as this little guy, just may grow old with the rest of us. They can live up to 50 years or more. 

He is a Red Footed Tortoise, and I have yet to make him a proper home, but I am working on it. Do any of you have one of these, or have any experience with tortoises. Please let me know, and pass on any helpful tips. 

That's about all for now, he just wanted to say HI. 
I may show you his temporary home soon, until I get a chance to make him a larger one. Poor guy, I feel so bad, but it is FREEZING, outside, and there is no way I can out him out there. Even in the summer, I need to figure something out, because he needs to be safe from all the cats, or any other animals, that might try to hurt him. 


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  1. Oh My! I tortoise! There is a "Tortoise Rescue" near where we walk in the morning... It is GIANT! Like as big as my coffee table! I asked the lady once, how big was he when they got him 15 years ago... He was 1/3 as big and he is probably 20 years old! So, they will grow if you help them! The kids are going to love this little guy!

  2. Aww I bet your kids love him! My son's fish died today that he got for Christmas and he's been really sad. We have two dogs, but he really loved that fish!

  3. We had three turtles that started out the size of quarters and soon grew to be over a foot across each, and they lived in a 40 gallon tank.

  4. Hi Dino! He is kind of cute. I hope you find a good place for him! :)


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