Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cleaning my DIRTY STOVETOP with my SHAMPOO

My STOVETOP, gets used people, A LOT. I have yet to see someone use their stove, and have it still be clean. Ok, don't actually go showing me your freakishly clean stovetops (MOM), lol. 
I swear that woman can cook a 10 course dinner, and her stove, is still clean. She's not normal, I tell you, he he. 

Anyway, here is what I did to clean mine, WITHOUT any expensive,  or harmful chemicals. 

I will let you all in a little secret about our washing habits. We don't use shampoo. I have switched to using 

Dr. Bronners 18-in1 castile soap. I've included a link with a small sample size, I seriously URGE you to give it a try, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!

Yes, I use this for my facewash, bodywash, I shave with it, and I clean my bathrooms, and kitchen with it. It is AWESOME on grease, and clearly, cleans yucky stoves too. Oh, and no I'm not crazy, I'm just honest, when I say I love this stuff. Ask me anything, and I will tell you all about my experience with using it, including some things, that might scare you, at least initially!

Ok, lets get to this stovetop, shall we?
Oh, wait thats not a nasty dirty stove, no, that my dear is some roses my hubby, and son got for  me. I din't have a vase, so in the pickle bottle they went, lol. I love it!!! Oh, and a month later, these babies are still looking BEAUTIFUL, I will take a pic and show you guys tomorrow.

Ahhh, there's the shamefull thing, shameful, I tell you. 

Here's my original bottle, I have since tried the lavender, which is in there now, BUT, I got a large bottle, and just filled this one. There's my baking soda, in an empty yogurt container, gotta love that too, he he. 

I do have those tray thingies, that are supposed to prevent your stove from getting all yucky, but clearly gunk has a way of finding itself under there. Think, overflowing tea, milk, soup, yeah you get the picture.

My front two burners are clearly the worst, and need a good scrubbin.

So, simply squeeze some face wash on there, careful it's very concentrated, and take your wet sponge, and dump a bunch of baking soda and start scrubbing. I wanted to save my fingers, and nails, you know what I'm saying, so I used a butter knife instead. Worked a MILLION times better, and your fingers will thank you. 

Oh you'r finished scrubbing, OK, take a wet cloth and rinse, and wipe. 

Ummm, OK, I admit having mirrors above your stovetop that you use A LOT, is not a good idea, BUT, you just see how naked it looks without them. I love my DOLLAR STORE mirrors, so there. BUT, dang they are DIRTY. 

See what I mean, NAKED,,,, ewwwww,,,, BUT, omg, look at that stove. I told you shaving cream will do the trick. 

Ahhh, all clean!!!

This is damage from LONG ago, when we tried cleaning it with OTHER stuff, and it got scratched up so badly. My method, will not damage, DEF plus. Oh, and this stove is a good 8 years old, NOT bad, for being abused daily, don't you think?

Hello little fat man, I love you. Now see how much better it is with the mirrors up, I just love it. Plus I get to check myself out when I'm cooking, WHICH is all the time, so I guess I do a lot of checking myself out, lol. NOT, but it is perfect for having eyes in the back of my head, if you catch my drift!

What do you think, do you like fat man???

It's all clean now, but oh man LOOK at that mess in the mirror. Does it ever end?

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  1. Hahaha! How much i the big bottle? My stove needs a good cleaning (wanna visit?) teehee. I love the fat man, and the mirrors too! And the ornament hanger in the reflection, and the Yoplait Greek Blueberry Yougurt container. I reuse mine too (NO shame in my game!)

  2. Love, love, LOVE your "vase" ;) Mt. Olive Pickles... representing my hometown!!!

    <3 Ashley

  3. Hi Bella! Thanks for the compliments! Color week is just this week... but you can catch up or even do it next week and add your link then... I hope you join in!

  4. Man, what a difference! I just might have to try that stuff out. I have a feeling my stove is a horrible mess under those burners, which is why I'm afraid to look. I envy people like your mom who can keep everything clean while still using it.

  5. I have one of those flat surface stoves.. but I remember when I had one like yours and it was such a pain to clean! Yours looks amazing.. that stuff sounds great!! :)
    And aww soo sweet of the hubs to buy you those gorgeous roses! That color is my FAV for roses. ANd you know what? They look so shabby/chic in that pickle jar! I love the way it looks.. forget a fancy vase! hehe :)
    Great post.
    OH I wanted to let you know I have fixed my button situation!! :) So you can grab the new code to add to your sponsor section!
    Thanks so much!

  6. Love this post! We are old school around here and use Comet on the stove... To the point that we are wearing through the paint... Never would have thought of the other tips, though! Awesome!

  7. I cleaned my stove yesterday. It looks like yours. I'm a day too late but I'm happy I came and got the tips!!.

  8. I'm not sure I like your post, Bella. It is probably good I read it, but I don't like it. I've been forgetting for days that I need to clean my oven, and here you've reminded me. It's good that you did, but now it means I have to go clean it. Grr! LOL!


    P.S. Love the banner makeover!

  9. That is some pretty handy stuff you have there girl!! Your stove looks amazing! I might have to try some of that! Talk about an all purpose cleaner! :) Love your beautiful roses, how sweet! :) Hugs!!!

  10. Amazing! Found you over at Keepin it Thrifty. Those roses are gorgeous and that stove sure does shine!


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