Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NEW FEATURE SIDEBAR, see this weeks top 10

I told you guys last night, about my NEW FEATURE section in my sidebar. I'm really excited about this new change to Bella Before and After. I think it will be a great way to show my loyal participants, as much love as possible, by displaying my top favorites ALL week, in the left sidebar, FOR ALL to see. 

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Now check out this weeks TOP 10!!!

Amaze me August
They are in order of submission, so the sooner you link up, the higher on this list you will be.

Mandy @ SUGAR BEE Craft Edition, made a SKIRT, Scarft, and Rosette Hair Clip, from OLD SHEETS,,,, yikes, I love it, but I guess it helps that she had really cute sheets, to begin with hugh. I've never even owned sheets that cute, he he. WAY TO GO MANDY!!!!

Keisha Lynn @ PROJECT CAMPBELL started redoing her daughters room. While she still has some things to do, I love how simply changing the bed set, can make such a difference, move some furniture around, clean up (throw out) a bunch of stuff, and there you have it, INEXPENSIVE new room. Gotta love that!!!

Sourkraut @ LANGES FADCHEN, FAULES MADCHEN just had to go get herself featured AGAIN, with this AMAZING Thin Mint Cupcake,,,, ummm YUMMMY,,, I LOVE thin mints, and I LOVE chocolate, and I LOVE cupcakes, and these look like a pot of gold, well, kinda not really, but I bet they TASTE like a million dollars,,, wait that doesn't make sense either,, lol. Oh well, I Love them.
p.s. I have been honored to know her real name, because I asked, but forgot it, cuz clearly she doesn't go by it, lol, but I can assure you, it really is NOT Saurkraut.

Diane @ PITTYPAT PAPERIE did something pretty AMAZING, if you ask me. She took coke bottles, the small ones,  sliced them up, wrapped them in AWESOME duct tape to make them feel better, and instantly created the CUTEST, practically FREE bracelets ever. I adore them, and can't wait to make some with my kids.

Shantel @ IT's A PRICELESS LIFE created a BEAUTIFUL picture frame from an old CD. It really is brilliant, and with all those cute embellishments, who can resist. Sweet Princess, is right, she is adorable!!!

Sunny @ LIFE IN REHAB strayed from her beloved BLUE, just long enough to get me to fall in LOVE with her AWESOME LIME GREEN WALLS,,,, omg, can I even tell you how much I love her house, and her decor, and her funky style, IT IS SO ME, I tell you. I absolutely LOVE the differnt colored vases she used to display PALM BRANCHES, it is so flippin cool, I am seriously diggin on this, right about now.

Dina @ HONEY & FITZ redid her walk in pantry, and she now has a home for everything, with room to spare. Her contracter grade pantry just wasn't cutting it before, she basically tore everything out, and started again. It's an AMAZING redo, and I am hearting on it, very much.

Slighty Askew @ be SLIGHTLY ASKEW did a quick refashion on a thrift store skirt, and turned it into a ANTHROPOLOGY inspired skirt. I like it, and think she did a FABULOUS job. What do you guys think. Also, my girl, is working on getting some more followers, so GO SAY HELLO, she promises a giveaway for every 50 followers.

Tricia @ LEAFY TREETOP started making the CUTEST little fleece slippers. I don't know what I was thinking when I was frantically searching the stores for a pair just like this, velcro closure, I love it. She is so awesome for sharing this pattern, I just HAVE to try it out, we really need cute little warn slippers.

Khadija @ CREAYIVE MIND redid a sweater vest, and it is so adorable, I just had to show you guys. This girl is super talented, and is constantly doing the funnest crafts, and giving wonderful tutorials. I love her blog, and you will too. GREAT JOB KHADIJA!!!

I just wanted to apologize for not commenting on everyone's blog, especially not right away. Despite my blog still being so small, and my parties very small compared to the big ones, BUT, it is already getting a bit tough to leave comments for everyone. Please know that I appreciate EVERYONE, so much, and am so happy you choose to come link up here. My family already teases me about how much time I spend blogging, he he. Can't help it, you guys are so inspiring, but sometimes, I just can't do it you know.  Being a mommy has been, and continues to be my FULL time job, while blogging sure does come in a close second, he he. 
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  1. I like the feature sidebar. I think it's a great way to show them off and it makes me feel even more proud to see my cupcake displayed there.

  2. Awww, thanks Bella for featuring my CD to Frame!! I really {{heart}} your blog and have enjoyed looking around!!
    Shantel @

  3. Well thank you for the very sweet and glowing feature! I truly appreciate it, and this is one party I'll never miss!

  4. Awwww, thank you so much Bella for featuring my little coke bottle bracelets Ü I am so honored to be featured along side so many women that really do have crafting talent Ÿ You have truly made my day. Hugz, Diane

  5. Thanks a lot sweet Bella for this side bar feature...how lovely to see this...
    ~ Love

  6. Wow... I LoVE the sidebar! I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to get over and thank you... We've had a sick house! Strep and the flu! Thank you so much... It's really a wonderful idea!!!


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