Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amaze me August #22

Welcome to the 22nd edition of Amaze me August!!
Last week I asked that everyone help me get to 50 link ups, and we had 59, woo hoo. THANK YOU so much. Let's see if we can double that this week, YES double. I wanna reach 100.
DO you think we can do it???

How about a little bribing? Will that help?
Let me tell you, I have some fun stuff planed for my blog, AND this party, and of course all of you, who participate, and link up every week. 

In case you haven't noticed, I'm kinda redesigning my blog, read about that HERE. Why you ask, it's simple, I need more room. For what you ask, let me tell ya. 

I want my right sidebar, to focus on my sponsors, and giveaways, facebook, my new STORES, go find some cool books, all about GREEN crafting, and eco friendly stuff, my favorite. 

I want my left sidebar, to SHOWCASE, my lovely sponsors, and a little something something, from their shop. 

I also want to SHOWCASE some LUCKY **Amaze me AUgust** participants, with a weeklong picture on my blog sidebar, for all to see. Doesn't this sound better than having just ONE feature post???

I also want to use my left sidebar, or right, to feature some of my favorite projects, I've done, LOL,,, ohhh who am I kidding, OK, my section might only have a few recipes, but better than nothing, at least until I start getting my craft on, he he. 

So anyway, now you know why I need more space, I have a LOT of FEATURING AND LOVING to do, and it's ALL ABOUT YOU GUYS. I want to brag all about you, if your awesome, and you support my blog, I will LOVE to show you off too. 

Now show me what you got girls, and keep your eyes peeled, I promise I have some goodies up my sleeves, just you see. :)

I will be FEATURING TEN LUCKY gals, to be hanging out in my sidebar this week. Will it be YOU. Come back tomorrow to see!
This number may increase or decrease depending on how I feel, lol.

Now how's that for a bribe? Please let me know how you feel about this new way of FEATURING you. 

I REALLY want to hit 100, PLEASE help a sister out, will ya???

Remember I need your help to reach 100 link ups this week. I know you can do it, spread the word, make sure to add my button to your blog, and posts, and hey even talk about how awesome my new FEATURE section is, and how you would LOVE to be FEATURED in it. Play nice, follow my rules, lol, and you just might get lucky!!!

Please visit my Link party Directory
For the coolest parties, I participate in. 
Feel free to add yours, if you think I'd like it :)


  1. Your blog is coming together so nicely! AND YOU ROCK MAMA!! The lets shop side bar is awesome! Thanks for featuring all of us on it! <3

  2. Girl, lets talk about how you are amazing! Blog is looking great! Keep those ideas a coming...you know we all love it!

    I spotted my bunting in your side bar..thanks :) :) :) You go girl!!!

  3. Nice thought of organizing your blog. You inspire me to work towards making my blog getting better.

    I am also amidst revamping phase of my blog and have even put up sponsors space up for grabs. No takers yet, but i believe with time people will identify the potential of reaching out through AdithisAmmaSews
    Looking forward to do the blog swap sometime in March. Till then continue inspiring!!! and thanks for doing so!

  4. Hope to help you reach 100 today! I added mine latest blog post!

  5. Thanks for your link party! I linked up 2 for you since mine were a before and after. lol
    I'd love for you to stop by my link party if you get a chance!

  6. Loving the new ideas!!! :) Thanks for hosting Bella!

  7. Thanks for all the kind words on my blog, you are too sweet! I love your blog too and I will definitely be back! :)

  8. Hi there! I just linked up with you, what fun! Have a great week :). Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters


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