Monday, November 15, 2010

Amaze me AUgust #11~~FEATURES

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How's it going everyone. You guys ready for Thanksgiving next week? Anyone doing anything special, or going anwhere? My kids finally have the entire week off, totally excited. Usually it's only a 4 day holiday, BUT this year it's the whole week. So we are going down to Florida, for some much needed rest.

Time for another party, hope you guys have been more busy with projects than me. The only thing I've been up to is cleaning, and cleaning, and more cleaning, and of course organizing, but nothing fun to show.

So I will be looking forward to all the great projects you guys have made. You always impress me, so keep it up, show me what you got, and I look forward to seeing you back again, with more fun.

Here are my favorites from last week.
You have to go check out this awesome new blogger I found, she is seriously funny, and you know what, she loves free things, and even calls herself the thriftiest person around, can it be possible, lol. She also apparantly hates laundry, and make a joke of it with this washer makeover, which I LOVE.

Go say hello @ Yours, Mine and Ours

Leah did some simple fall decorating. Yeah nothing fancy, but you know what, it's simple and beautiful enough that nobody has an excuse not to do it, ya know? (yup including me) Some faux leaves, and some scrap paper, transform her area into instant fall scape. (is that a word, that makes sense??)

Anyhow, my favorite part of her decore is this interchangable frame, she swaps out paper or pictures for each season. Perfect, and I want one, :)

Go say hello to Leah @ Living Life Crafty

Ok, so you don't have a little man to dress in this. Thats OK, you will still LOVE this project, and for goodness sakes, at the very least go check it out, just so you can see her little cutie pie, all dressed up, he is SOOOO cute.

My little guy is just about this small, so I was literally drooling over how adorable this was, and can you believe Tricia made it, all by herself, in like one afternoon. Yeah she has mad skills, and I love her.

Go say hello to Leah @ Leafy TreeTop Spot


MB 2010 (27)
SO last we have Kristine with this AMAZING bedroom makeover. Yeah it looks like a million bucks, but I can assure you, she did this ALL with a curbside budget. Everything was mostly redone, by this amazing woman, using some not so beautiful pieces. Her vision, and a lot of elbow grease, transformed it all into a stunning bedroom. Even I who doesn't typically care for white, would LOVE this bedroom. She simply did a great job, and she has TONS of before and after pics, LOVE IT.

Go say hello to Kristine @ The Painted Hive


Ladies PLEASE grab a FEATURED button and display it proudly!

Yikes STOP before you add any Christmas projects, check out my NEW ~~SPECIAL PARTY~~ ** 6 weeks 2 JINGLE ** oh yeah, now you can add it there. Whew, that was a close one!!!

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. glad you liked the project!! thanks for the shout out!

  2. Hi Bella! Great features! Have fun in Florida, what a great way to spend the holiday!! hugs to you!!

  3. WOW BELLA what awesome features!!! Have a wonderful trip to Florida! I can't wait to see the pictures! :)


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