Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GARLIC - Cure for the common cold

So naturally with our vacation coming up this Saturday, we've all kind of fallen sick, YAY! Last week, Dino D, was feeling really yucky, and he ended up having a pretty nasty ear infection, he's better, but still coughing. Last night I started with some major sniffles, headache, sore throat, and sinus pressure. GREAT, and my oldest seems to have the same symptoms, HOORAY! This is not cool, I'm not happy about this, at all, and really hope, that we are all better by Saturday. 
 Simple toast your bread REALLY well, and preferably use some good homemade bread, if you are that lucky. Then rub TONS of garlic on the bread. Make sure it is really toasted well, otherwise it's hard to rub the garlic on. Then add your choice of bacon lard, or butter :) Sprinkle on some paprika, and I always bite into some more garlic cloves, for extra protection as well. YES you will keep away the entire neighborhood with your breath, but I promise this works. Eat as much garlic as possible, it's magic.
Yup, I feel as crappy as I look. Don't feel to sorry for me now!!

Tell me, if it's between you being sick on vacation, or having a sick child, which do you prefer? I hate to say it, BUT I'd rather one of my kids be sick. If I'm feeling crappy, then EVERYONE suffers, as Im the one who usually takes care of everything. If I'm feeling sick, there is no way we can go anywhere fun, and I'll be cranky, and just want to sleep the whole time. No good. If I have a sick kid, it's a bit easier, because I can still take care of everything else, and just have to pay extra attention to my little one. Usually all they need and want is mommy anyway, so that's easy enough. Even if we end up going somewhere, as long as I'm holding him, or hugging on them, they are somewhat cool. 

Erghh, so because I NEED to get better FAST, I am turning to my all time favorite cold remedy. Growing up, my mom used to always feed us toasted homemade bread, with TONS and TONS of garlic rubbed on it, and bacon lard spread on it, with salt sprinkled on top, and paprika. This with a hot cup of chamomile tea, with honey and lemon. Granted I didn't use bacon lard this time, just butter, and had a cup of Indian Black Pekoe tea with milk instead, the garlic toast was just as good. 

Also since my taste is way off, I'm going to head to the store to buy some other necessities. BACON, and chicken for CHICKEN SOUP. We all know that chicken soup is one of the best things to eat when you are sick. If I have enough energy, I'll share the recipe for our Romanian chicken soup with you. Are you wondering why bacon, the only reason os because it is so yummy, and even with not having much taste in my mouth, BACON I can taste, and oh it is so good. So with bacon, garlic, tea and chicken soup at my side, I should be all better soon. 

What are some of your favorite cold remedies?


  1. Garlic is so awesome for a case of the "yuckies". I usually chop up cloves whole, and spread them over toast with olive oil. Raw honey is also good to try- just eat a spoonful of it every few hours.
    Feel better soon!


  2. You look so sad!!! I seriously want to hug you!! Just hold your breath while I do it!! haha! I hope you feel better momma! My favorite remedy is whining till it does away! :)

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