Friday, May 27, 2011

Bread Making with the kiddos... CRAZY BREAD !!

Happy last day of school. For us it is anyway, how about you? Last night we were supposed to have our first swim meet, but after a nasty storm blew in, and nearly blew us away, it was cancelled and we got to go home, fun night, lol. 

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This bread making session took place a couple months ago, but I just didn't get a chance to post it yet, 
This is what happens when you let kids take over the kitchen, and design their own bread.The kids and I went to bunica's house to help make bread. Princess had her friend over too. We let the kids do whatever they wanted, and you just have to see what they came up with. Scroll down, slowly, and try not to do a double take when you get to the 12 year olds creation. He's a boy, sorry, but we couldn't stop laughing. We had fun, and so did the kids. It was surely a fun night, and the bread turned out great too.

The bread before it went in the oven. Can you figure out what that funny shape one is? Can you guess who designed it?

Here he is, Dino D, with is new snake bread!!

Bye Bye Bread, off to the oven you go.

My princess decided to make cinnamon bread rolls, they were not sweet, just regular rolls, but look at that girl, she is sweet.

Here is her friend, she wanted to make a turtle, but ended up making it a fish.

Yes, go ahead and use your imagination, I won't tell you what Big B was going for, you just have to guess.

The bread freshly out of the oven. It smelled so good.

Again Big B with his lovely bread,,,, dare I tell you what it's supposed to be, lol. 

The girls, so sweet, so innocent, they had so much fun.

Oh gosh, Big B again,,,, come on, we get it, we get it,,, lol. I'm sorry, but I guess you had to be there, it really was hilarious, we just couldn't stop laughing.

My girly girl, is just adorable. I love you princess.

Sorry just had to sneak in a picture of our yummy dinner too. Did I ever tell you guys how much I love tacos, burritos, and Mexican food in general. Yup I do, and cook it often. We had beef soft tacos, mexican rice, beans, fresh salsa and guacamole, we were pretty much happy after that, he he. 

Here is everyone with bunica, aren't they awesome? Thanks mom for such a fun night. 

Do any of you make your own bread? 
Do you have any special recipes to share? I'd love to hear from you!!

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  1. MMMm Bella That bread looks soo yummy! Im a bread lover! haha I wish I baked my own bread.. but that would probably be terrible for me...cause I would never stop eating it! LOL ANd MMM that mexican food looks delish! Looks like something my Mexican grandma would make!

    And omg your son! HAHA

  2. What fun! But where's the red wine? You can't cook without having some red wine.

  3. This is too funny...boy's mind huh?? Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  4. WOW, looks like soooo much fun and I can just smell that fresh baked bread. Big B sounds like my grandsons, lol... BOYS ÿ gotta luv em!


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