Monday, May 16, 2011

Blog Makeover ~~ Need some advice ~~

It was one of those nights again. I pretty much stayed up all night redesigning my blog. Just working on the header and a few buttons literally took hours. Gosh, does anybody else spend countless hours doing this, or is it just me, lol. 

My dear friend Maria @ Agape Love Designs offered to help me with my blog design a couple weeks ago, I should have just let her do it, but by the time I figured out an idea, I was already half way done designing it myself.... ooops. I still need tons of help, it's nowhere near done, but I came to realize that I'd probably have a really hard time letting someone else do my blog design. I simply change my mind WAY to many times, and I think I would drive somebody crazy, and perhaps lose a friend over my inability to settle on a look.

So rather than let that happen, I've taken things in my own hands, and will spend countless hours working on this thing again. 

However, I would like to get your opinions on some button designs.
I'm assuming everyone likes the new header (fingers crossed) oh please, tell me it's OK, he he. 

Here are the buttons I'm having a hard time deciding on. I also have them up in my sidebar, sorry about the messiness, but that way you can see them in action there, it looks different than in the post.






Pretty please tell me which you like best, AND be brutally honest, tell me what you think I can do to improve the look of the blog. Do you think the new header is visually pleasing, or is it still too busy, especially with the ads up there. (Speaking of which, does anybody know how to get the add to show up in your actual banner? )

There will be many changes done in the sidebars too, so it will be less cluttered soon. For now, I am looking for feedback. I don't want to continue working on this design, if everyone hates it. Even though this is my blog, without all of you, it wouldn't be much, and I certainly wouldn't love it so much, so when you come to read it, I want to make sure you are happy. 

Feedback welcome now, don't be afraid, just be honest!!

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  1. BElla ... I love 2 & 5 wow you really do a good job on your blog....i wish i knew how to tweek and work with mine...I NEED A MAKEOVER BAD!!!

    XOXO Andrea ps i entered your giveaway ;) I hope i win

  2. Button #3, it stands out more. The others are really cute, but I feel like they "fade" into the background?

  3. The fav button for me is #2. I think if you used both #2 and #3 alternating the dark and light, soft and hard lines the contrasts will complement each other.

  4. Button 3 is my favorite. The blog looks great, I'd be a little concerned about the width of the page. If someone doesn't look at websites full screen (I certainly don't) then they end up cutting off part of the page. But great job overall!

  5. i like number 2. the only thing i would change is maybe fit the bella before and after sign in there a little different. its just a little blurry. i love the colors.

  6. I really like 2 and 5! Maybe you could use both here and there for stuff! I think everything is looking great girl!! I LOVE the new header BUT I missed that gorgeous windblown pic of urs!


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