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Amaze me August #36 ~I cut my hair again, The MULLET haircut~

Welcome to the 36th edition of 
I am so glad you are here. Before I begin I just wanted to say 
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all my lovely mamas. 
I hope you had a wonderful day!!

Have I got something to show you today. 
Remember a few weeks ago, when I cut my own hair?
You can read all about that HERE!

As any haircut does, mine started growing out, and again it started driving me crazy. With summer heat fast approaching I thought I was going to go mad. I sweat, and get really hot, really fast, and the LAST thing I need, or want, is my hair all over the place. 

So up in a pony tail it goes. Not really a big problem, but since I stopped using shampoo, nearly nine months now, washing a bunch of hair, the ALL NATURAL way, has become a bit too time consuming. Post coming up on that soon. :)

Problem number three, all my gray hair. Pulling it back in a pony tail just wasn't doing anything to bring out the natural beauty of these wonderful FREE highlights I am being blessed with, lol. I know I am probably fooling myself thinking I can pull this look of much longer, but I am holding out, hoping, that I will gray beautifully. You now those ladies, who look so darn pretty with their silver hair. Oh please, oh please let me be one of them. 

SO what's a girl to do? I was THIS close to saying forget it, and cutting it short. When I get fed up, or in one of my moods, there is no stopping me. I was on a mission this fine day, and off to the bathroom I went, scissors in hand, again. This time though, my only plan was to get rid of a LOT of hair, lol. Knowing that I actually wanted it short, made it so much easier to start cutting away, knowing that if it totally messed up, I'd just cut it short anyway. 
Hardly any pressure this time, and I didn't have the camera on me either, which really helped, lol. So anyway, are you ready to see some pics. I had a mini photo session again, and my princess helped me out. Thanks girly girl. 

Wow, pretty cool, seeing the three next to each other like that. I haven't had bangs since I was 19 years old. Before that, the last time I had them was probably when I was 10 years old. I have to say though, that I am really loving them so far. I was so scared, always thinking that it would look horrible on me, but for now I like it. Oh and YES I totally gave myself a MAJOR MULLET haircut, thank you very much, lol. It just turned out like that, not exactly what I had in mind, but thought, I might as well, leave some length, since I did spend years growing it out, and I knew I'd miss it. I can totally still pull my hair up, and now I get all these cute little layers framing my face, which I think looks really pretty.

I hope you enjoyed my little photo shoot, and you know I want to hear what you all think, of my NEW haircut?
YES or NO, be honest. My whole family basically freaked. They all pointed out my massive collection of gray hair, which is WAY, WAY, WAY more noticeable now, but, oh well. You can't have it all, I guess, he he. 

Do any of you, embrace your gray hair, or do you all think I'm crazy?

Now link up, and show me what you got. Can't wait to see all the wonderful projects this week. 

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  1. i think your haircut looks great.. it doesnt look like a mullet. when i first read that i was afraid to scroll

  2. OMG!You look gorgeous!I started going gray a few years ago. I'm at the needing it @ the 4 weeks mark. You look adorable!Thank you for sharing and reminding me that --hey I need to emrace my age regardless of the family freakin out ......

  3. so you did this by yourself?! your new haircut looks great next to your smile! and gray hairs... I've made peace with them lately!

  4. Its really not a bad hair cut at all. But i would be totally afraid to cut my own hair. I used to a long time ago but recently the cut i enjoy is the A line cut so i go in and get it cut short. Especially since im prego with twins I want my hair off my neck and i really enjoy it short and will most likely get it trimmed during the summer to keep it short. But good job on your hair cut though. Although i liked the first cut better. Not so sure about the bangs i think the first cut really made you look super duper young and flirty cute. As in regards to the gray its all about how you feel with it. If you are confidant enough i think you can pull it off. Other wise i would try doing some time of natural blonde high light where the gray is like by using lemon juice or peroxide. Just a suggestion =)

  5. Your hair looks cute! And embrace the "free highlights!"

  6. Love the bangs on you Girl! I cut my own hair all the time. It's not really too hard. Just scary the first time. You did an awesome job!

  7. I cut everyone in this house's hair, including my own, and yes, I have wispy little bangs for some softness when I wear it up. I think you did an excellent job; it looks fresh, timely, and the bangs make you look younger. Not that that was an issue.

    As for the grays- there's shots of silver in my red tresses. Just go with it and enjoy.

  8. I'm the same way.
    If I decide that I'm going to cut my hair it usually happens within an hour of thinking of it. I'm way too impetuous!
    Your hair looks lovely!

  9. Bella you look great! And I honestly didnt even notice the grey! Idk how I will feel when I get grey, if I will keep it or dye it to hide it. LOL But I already dye my hair every so often just cause I like change, I imagine that wont change. :)

  10. WHOA!!! BELLA!!! It's FABULOUS!!! I'm comen to you for my next hair cut! You looks GORGEOUS!!!! You and them GORGEOUS eyes of yours!!!!

    I have to say....I HATE my grays!!!! BUT didn't even really notice yours! :) OH and lil princess did a fantastic photo session!! I may have to hire her! :)

  11. I think you did a great job on your hair. You are a very brave woman! I love the bangs. I think they make you look younger. The cut with the bangs frame your face really nicely. I didn't really know what you meant by mullet. It looks like in most of the pics it is a gradual tapered haircut. But there was one or two of the photos that made me think that maybe it is a little more of a drastic the front half ends here and the back goes longer?
    Great job! Thanks for the link party too.

  12. Helloooooooooo gorgeous! Whow, you look awesome, I think out of the last three styles, I prefer this one by far. I thought there could hardly be any improvement after the last since it made you look downright amazing, but now? err... WHOW!

  13. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!! These pictures are so beautiful and I adore the one of you and your daughter!! Bella your smile is so refreshing!! :)

  14. I really love your hair cut, looks great on you. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Thanks for the feature & love the new do :)

  16. this haircut is you. I love your side layers and it's exactly what I would want if I had naturally straight hair. you're looking good. so good.

  17. Hey Bella! Love the pics. Bangs definitely suit you! I'm so jealous you can cut your own hair - I wish I could do that...I'm too chicken to even try! hehe.

    ~ ~

  18. Hi! Thanks for visiting FFL today!
    I have made two of these stand sand they are in my I don't know where I would store them cause I haven't yet! ha ha ..We are having a garage sale tomorrow so we can actually have soem storage area...

    I do like your hair!!

    Lina :)


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