Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The list.

If you've been following along, you'd know that I challenged myself about 2 weeks ago to get my house organized and cleaned up. I had a pretty long list of things that I wanted to accomplish. While I didn't actually complete everything 100%, I already came to terms with that, I did way more than I was able to do in previous attempts. All of which took anywhere from months, to even years, and in some cases forever, because it's still not done. Back to reality though, I''m actually Ok with starting a list, and not finishing everything on it. I can always make a new list :)

This is THE LIST~~~ I posted when I started along with my Amaze me August party challenge. I had some pretty lovely ladies join me in my amazing transformation. While they had really cool projects, I was doing boring organization, but you know what I am AMAZED that I did most if everything I set out to do. Thanks to all of you, who inspired me without even knowing it. Blogging really helped me out, because one way or another I became accountable to more than myself. I'm pretty happy right now, so THANK YOU ladies, and readers, and all of you out there who have been on organizing sprees like me, and have shared it with the rest of us.

Here's the lovely list so you can follow along:

  1. Pantry, Fridge (both of them)  Took longer than expected, but I can finally step in my pantry now without tripping over stuff. 
  2. Kitchen drawers, and cabinets  Rearranged things until what do you know I actually have extra storage space where before I was struggling to make things fit. 
  3. Shoes in garage, clean microwave, and toaster oven This may not be the best combination in the world, and I'm really dying to make it like I want it. For now however it will do. I have not had my microwave or toaster oven in the house for years, and I love it. 
  4. Door hanging organizer thingies I put these babies to good use. Check out my pantry makeover part two where I cut them up and hanged them on the wall to organize all kinds of goodies. I have to admit that 2 of them are still filled with junk, but at least I've narrowed it down right. Will get to those later. :)
  5. Coat closet This is almost completed, as in cleaned out. I have other plans for this great storage space, but for now at least its not a junk closet. 
  6. Piano, cookbooks There used to be a beautiful glass vase on this piano, along with other plants, and my favorite cookbooks. Then one morning, the glass cracked, and water seeped all around. THANK GOODNESS my piano was not damaged, as the sheet ,music and the floor seems to have absorbed all the water, as it must have leaked very slowly all night. Needless to say I removed everything, and never put it back. Now its back, minus that vase. Oh how I have to fix it, I love that vase.
  7. Desk, paperwork, bills I honestly didn't think I would get this done. I hate, and dread doing paperwork, and sorting through bills, especially medical bills. HATE IT! Despite that I took almost an entire morning and afternoon, until the kids got home to make all my phone calls, and take care of the bills, and paperwork that's been piled up. So happy it's done.
  8. Take down dino decorations, collect all dead plants, RETURN The poor dino decorations came down finally, after being up since LAST MAY. I think it was time, and my little Dino, didn't even notice. The plants, however Im still working on that, hope to take them back today, or tomorrow at the latest. Now the key is not buying any more until I've figured out exactly where they will live, and in what. Yes, being at a garden center is like drugs to me, and I always walk out with a cart full of plants, and flowers. I will try, unless of course there is a really cool plant, on sale. He he, I just can't help it, I know myself well. 
  9. Big B closet, including sorting through winter and summer clothes Luckily I already sorted through all the clothes last spring, so woo hoo, I didn't have to do that. 
  10. Big B desk, including old school work Yeah this was done yesterday, when the last thing I wanted to do was clean out his desk, but again, knowing that it was the last day of my challenge, I just did it. I'm happy I did, and boy was he happy. I even fixed some of his magic stuff, which really made his day. 
  11. Princess M closet, including clothes that need to be sorted Again finished the sorting last spring, so not much to do, other than make sure there was not a mess in there. 
  12. Dino D, dresser and linen drawers, plus all his toys, and books I'm finishing up his room today. I collected all his toys, and stuff, but was to tired last night to finish up his room, so it's being done today. Sorry Dino D. 
  13. My dressers, and closet, including tons of boxes of paperwork My closet, lol, theres a project waiting to happen, but until then, at least its not a total disaster. My drawers are mostly cleaned out too. Man I have a lot of work left in there, but at least no junk, for the most part anyway. Just need to organize better. Project time, he he. 
  14. Bathrooms under sinks Yup, done with that, but again would love to have a better system of storing things. Future project!!!
  15. Office library books, videos, dvds. For the most part, all put where they should be, but do I like it, NO. I want it to look less cluttered, so I really need to better organize everything in this room. I have tons of cabinets, but no shelves in them. Future project.
  16. Deep clean everything, probably take a day or two. Well, I don't think I can say that I deep cleaned everything, but I did clean most everything. Does that count, in this case I'd say yes it does. To make it even better, I've been keeping it like that, which is the best part. 
  17. Almost forgot my deck, I need to clear that place up for sure. Don't even want to think about it yet. I did step foot out there, and quickly ran back in. :)
  18. My very neglected garden will get a very quick peek, if weather is cooler, and I feel up to it, otherwise sorry to say you will be next on my TODO list. Again, out of sight out of mind, only this is totally in my sight every time I leave and come home. I never knew weeds could grow so big. I must have a really fertile flower bed. Good news is the weather has started cooling down, so I think I can finally start on working outside. Good thing too, because I don't think I can take any more of this. 

So you see what I mean, I finished almost everything. I am proud of myself, and hope to finish the rest very soon. I've also been thinking up some really great projects I want to share with you guys soon.

Until then, I hope you guys have a great day, and I'll try to get some pics up later, to show some of this work I've been doing. Can't wait to start on some of these projects.

Thanks again to all who participated in my new party. I will be doing it again NEXT WEEK starting on Tuesday. It will be a weekly party. So get ready to Amaze me again ladies. Read all about  it above on the Amaze me August page. Woo hoo~~

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Wow! You accomplished a ton. Way to go!

  2. This is a CRAZY list, good job!! I'll look forward to the weekly challenge...I love a good challenge to get me motivated!


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