Friday, August 20, 2010

Pantry Makeover Part TWO

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This is an old pantry makeover, and while I work on my new one, this is what I am sharing!!

Yesterday I gave you guys a quick peek at my work in progress, and last night I think I pretty much finished organizing my pantry. At least it's acceptable and so much roomier than before. Now don't expect incredible before and after pictures, because my Pantry/Laundry room is SUPER small, I could barely take a decent picture to do my makeover justice.

You will also get an idea of what I usually have on hand to whip up meals with. I rarely buy pre made food, so if you want eat in this house, you either cook it from scratch or eat a bowl of cereal. jk.

I've become very creative in my inventions and can usually come up with something, so no need to panic. If you've ever had the pleasure of coming to eat at my home, you will know that you will probably NEVER eat the same thing twice, (well not exactly the same thing). I'm always adjusting my meals, according to what I have on hand. Which is the beauty of having some basic staples in your pantry.

My favorite thing to add to almost anything, and it's cheap, and full of protein and fiber, and what is there not to love about it, BEANS. They are my friend.

Ok so lets see this pantry already, you say, I say right this way!!

Before and After
I know it doesn't look like much, but trust me when I say, it made a HUGE difference. I can actually walk in my pantry
now, granted it's literally just stepping win there, but before I was leaning over all the stuff on the floor,
ad always moving it out of my way if I needed to get to the bottom shelf. I even created so much room, that I still
have empty shelf space, and I eliminated an entire shelf, so I could bring in my big pots, out of my kitchen. :)
Before the inside storage of my door in the pantry. Those yogurt containers store extra batteries. Yes I know its a pathetic attempt at organizing, but I did this a LONG time ago, and so far it's served it's purpose. I also had those containers storing small quantities of rice and lentils, for a LONG time too, way before I started just using my
rubber band method. Spices from the 3rd shelf were removed too add to my spice cabinet.
After I put candy and chocolate on the top. Remember my HUGE candy container,  now it's all in that SMALL metal tin. At least I have a good use for it now. More room on second shelf to get more couscous. I normally do not buy pre-seasoned rice, or pasta kits. BUT I love garlic couscous. :)
The bottom half stores cream of wheat a breakfast STAPLE in our home. My kids love it. Of course top ramen, and on the bottom I have lemon poppy muffin, and various other special flours. 
Remember this from yesterday, that wall was completely unused. After cutting a door organizer  that was all torn up on the bottom this is what I did. 
I know you are probably thinking, you are so weird Bella.  That looks so tacky, and I agree it might, but you would not believe how useful it is. I simply hooked the clips to the small nail, and walla they are up out of the way, and more storage space for me. The pouches are perfect for all our opened cereal, crackers, chips etc. Notice how EVERYTHING is rubberbanded. I love this system of storing things. Granted cute little containers, all labeled, look completely CUTE, and I often think I would like that. But if you know anything about me, it should be that I HATE to spend money on things that I don't really find necessary. Also, I really wish I could not buy any more plastic or non renewable things, but since I already had everything for this, I recycled it. Now it has a second life, and  Im happy. 
Other side of the small pantry, lol, After pic is on the left.
I added another strip of that nifty door organizer here, and now I can add yet more extra snacks, like 100% fruit leather, or organic cereal bars :).....I've also added syrup with pancake mix. That bottle is also from forever ago, and found it while cleaning out my pantry. I bought bulk from sams, but since have been getting REAL maple syrup. Not to waste it though I suppose we can finish it off before going back to my other expensive stuff (but dang its soooo much better).
This wall was naked when I bought my home. I realized VERY quick that I needed more space, so I added these bad boys up real fast. The right side houses all my beloved Indian staples. (right side in both pics, remember I had to break it up for lack of space to take a proper pic). Misc stuff on the left, basically extra things, I just out there. No method at all. 
After pretty amazing. Yet more door organizers, cut in two, and I have way more use out of that wall. (I ended up cutting 2 organizers, which was an incredible solution to my problem of finding a place for everything that makes sense. The bottom pics are actually the top of the shelfs (sorry but I still am learning how to make collages easily as this was soooo time consuming as it was and it still didn't turn out the way I wanted). So all of my Indian stuff is still on the right, and now I have opened bags in the pouches to the right, while the pouches to the left now are home to all our nuts, and dried fruit. Yes this is what we snack on, no junk food here. :) I also put all my past bottles here, along with all extra condiment bottles, and pasta right below the sauce. On the very bottom, I have all my organic chicken, and veggie stock. Always good to add to anything for some yummy flavor, or make a quick soup. If you guys have a TRADER JOES near by, these are so cheap there, probably cheaper than regular, non organic stuff at the store. 
Ha Ha, pretty crazy hugh. This is my laundry area. Right in my pantry. I know lovely design, these home builders had.
It was a wreck to say the least. I had that top shelf overflowing with junk, and my dryer was full of stuff too on top.
Wow much better hugh. By putting those things in the proper spots, for the most part I  was able to clean it. I took lids to old storage containers that I didn't need (a green one, and white) and placed them in between my makeshift shelves. Which by the way were not there when I moved in. I attached 4 of the hanging shelves from home depot, with little hooks, and instant storage. I didn't want to deal with screws, or anything. This was the fastest thing I came up with. I used to have a trash can between my washing machine and dryer so I needed to come up with a really ghetto way of putting trash. Yeah, the bottom to one of my door organizers, this was the only one not torn, well after clipping it to the wall, and placing a bag in it, GUESS what, it serves its purpose, and thats what Im all about. I also attached that small organizer to the wall, for all things small. Perfect! Now I have towel storage too,,, yeay,,, much needed. Oh also you will notice my battery storage yogurt containers, yeah they are on the top shelf of my medicine, first aid shelf. 
Just a peak in the boxes, I put paint stuff in with extra pens, and I'll deal with that later. Oh check out my kitchen area, this was dumping ground for all things, that did not belong in the pantry anymore. Remember those white storage container, I can't believe I actually thought those were ever a good idea. Man what a difference without them. 
Quick peak under my kitchen sink. What in the world do you store under a kitchen sink. With all those pipes, its no wonder I managed anything at all. Gosh I really need to put some contact paper on the bottom, or something. Yuck. Btw, that is cascade my hubby bought ( he is still learning to make better choices at the store). I really am trying to not buy things that are harmful to the environment. It's a process for sure, but at least I've been on that path for a while now, always trying to make better choices every day.
All my trays, and towels were moved to their new homes in the pantry, and I put small appliances, under there instead. Another problem solved. 
I've even added my grocery list here, that I made like 2 years ago. Hopefully I can somehow use this too.  At least I can EASILY see what I have now, no doubt about it. 
I really hoped you got an idea of how my pantry makeover went. I know I had a ton of pics, but I can't help it. I am so glad I go this done, and am REALLY happy with how it turned out, even all my ghetto inventions. The fact that I didn't spend an extra penny on organizing this place is awesome and I couldn't be happier. Now for future project purposes, I would like to make it more esthetically pleasing, buy painting, and wrapping my yogurt containers, so they look better. But for now, everything has a purpose, and my pantry is CLEAN!!!

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As always ENJOY!

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  1. Isabella!

    Following you from New Friend Friday. I’m posting inspiring messages on my new Facebook fan page…links below!

  2. Wow Bella! Seems like the pantry & laundry reorganization is spreading like wild fire in blogland - I have Pretty Pantry Envy!! : )
    I thought your pantry looked orderly before but creating extra space is always great! Your laundry room is fantastic & so organized!
    happy friday

  3. Isn't it just a wonderful feeling to be organized? Your pantry and cabinets look great!...Christine

  4. Hi Bella! I just found you on Bargain Hunting with Laurie and wanted to say what a great job you did on your pantry and laundry room! I feel the need to go get organized now! :-) Hope you will get a chance to pop over and say 'hi' sometime!
    P.S. I'm your newest follower!

  5. You have given me some great ideas to extend the storage space in my tiny pantry! What is the blue stuff you have lining your shelves?

  6. Wow, you sure did a lot of work! I recently redid my pantry as well (pics on my blog as well). It's such a great feeling when it's complete and organized. Found you on NFF.

  7. This makes me want to jump up and go clean out and organize my pantry! You did such a great job with yours. I know you are loving being able to go in there and see what you have. (There's no telling what is hiding in my pantry!) Great idea with the shoe bags. Thanks for linking this to Favorite Things Saturday. Maybe I'll be able to show my cleaned up pantry on my blog some day. Thanks for the inspiration. laurie

  8. Gosh, girl! I have to keep taking tips from you every single day! You ROCK and so does your pantry now... Great blog, I am impressed!! Good luck going from here.. :)

  9. Hi Bella! great work on pantry and laundry room. It's great to creat 'space'. I'm going to tackle mine when kids return to school in two weeks!

  10. Wow that was pretty amazing Bella! Thanks for stopping over and commenting on my pantry makeover. You seem to store way more food than I do. Wow!!! I still haven't needed to utilize my door for food. It works for us! :) I will def. link up. thanks for letting me know!


  11. I just redid my laundry area too but haven't posted it yet.

  12. Great makeover! And great minds think alike, because I just did a pantry organization and inventory too!
    To your success,
    Dr. Laura

  13. You have a knack for organizing! The 'afters' look great! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back for your linky parties!

  14. Great job! Thanks for all of the organizing tips as well. Your pantry looks great.

  15. WOW! Rack, and bins, and tubs...oh my! That's fantastic. :)

  16. That is such a smart idea! So when you need something you mark it on the chart?

  17. I love that you re-purposed the shoe 'thingy' into a storage option for your pantry!! great idea!!


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