Monday, June 25, 2012

A Wonderful Update

This is going to be super quick!!

I just wanted to say HELLO, and let you all know that we are finally ALMOST unpacked, and trying to get all settled in as fast as possible. It's been about three weeks since we officially moved in to our new home, and I couldn't be happier.

There is lots of work to be done still, but it's coming along. I didn't really take lots of BEFORE pics, because there was nothing really to show, but I guess I can start with all that now.

I have done no decorating so far, and everything is still pretty plain, so it will be fun to see how I start to transform all these spaces.

In other news, we are happy to announce that we have adopted TWO new kittens from the shelter. My little guy TIGER and my little lady NIYEL are too cute, and we've been having lots of fun with them as well. Although I can't say I'm crazy about the litter box smell, and finding little surprises on my CARPET, but hopefully all will work itself out soon. 
 Say hello to TIGER 
Say hello to NIYEL 

I know I've said this so many times, but let me say it again, I MISS YOU all. I know it's hard sticking around a blog that has been MIA for a while, and it's easy to forget about it, but I am truly in awe that you have stuck by me, and still come say HI. It means so much to me.

I have LOTS of stuff to share with everyone, and I'm slowly but surely getting back on track to where I can devote some time to blogging again. I'm so excited!!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you got a new kitty. Our pup is adjusting very well. Can't wait to have you back full time. Miss your buns!

  2. Congrats on the new family members! I'm super excited to see the new digs and see what you do with it!

  3. YAY!!! BELLA! They are so precious!! I've been thinking of you my friend! :)

  4. So glad you are settling in! LOVE the new kitties, too! Hugs!

  5. Hey my girl, so lovely to see you again! And those kittens... I think I melted a little bit. How adorable are they?
    Glad you guys are settling in just fine, I know moving house can be nothing short of a nightmare.
    Can't wait for the grand tour of the new abode ;)
    All my love,

  6. Hey gurlll, thanks for the update!! I know we all miss you too, and I can't wait to read more when you get back xoxo God bless!

  7. Hey sweetie,
    I know moving house is a HUGE task which isn't done and dusted in a few weeks... but I'm just a teensy bit worried. Are you just taking a break from blogging? If so- good on you! I've done the same, and it's quite liberating. Yeah, hopefully it's just that. But I'd love to hear from you, just to know if you're, you know, still around.
    All my love,


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