Monday, May 14, 2012

Small tour of my new home PICS

Tomorrow we were supposed to have the closing on our new home, only now it's been extended until the 25th of May. I hope that everything is done by then, and we can close already. I am just a little anxious to be in my own home once again. I'm packing, and trying to get everything done so that our move is as easy as possible, but I know it will be a pain once it actually happens. Moving plain and simply sucks. Thank goodness I don't anticipate another one for a very long time.

I would like to show you just a few pics of the house.
The main floor, has lots of arches throughout, and the windows have the same arches too. There's lots of molding on this floor too, and the whole house was freshly painted, and had new carpets installed. Although I'm not too crazy about the carpets, especially on the main floor, for now, they are staying, especially since they are new. The floors could use a good polish, but the fact they are banged up a little doesn't bother me at all. They are good wood floors, and I'm happy with them as well.

This is the foyer. We just walked in the front door. The dining room is to the right.

This was the day we had the inspection done on the house, so all the kids were chilling with me there. Every room is so full of natural sunlight, I just love that. Every window has a beautiful view.

The kids are lying down in the dining room. To the right is a sitting room.

The sitting room. The front door is too the right.

Aren't those arches lovely? I can't wait to see how I can get creative with these walls.

You all know how I'm constantly trying to organize my pantry. Well this one, is practically walk in. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun organizing this one too.

The kitchen is rather large, and I have built in oven and stove. Never had that before. I must say it sure does create lots of extra storage space, which is nice. The cabinets, are in great condition, clean, and extra long, so I don't have any storage issues here. I would like to upgrade those appliances eventually, but lets see how that goes. Have you checked out the price for built ins lately. I about fainted!!!

This is our living room. My husband, and brother say the TV must go on top of the fireplace. I'm saying no, and the TV will go on the wall to the left. What do you think?

Another wonderful window, letting in tons of light.

My kids dancing around, hehe.

The kitchen, and breakfast nook. I like it :)

This is the princess's room. She's kinda spoiled being the only girl. She gets a BIG walk in closet, a remote control ceiling fan, her own bathroom, and an incredible bay window.

Isn't that pretty? She does have one of the best rooms in the house. Lucky girl :)

I'll finish off todays tour with my laundry room. Which I couldn't be happier with. It's upstairs, next to all our bedrooms, hello, wonderful!! Oh and look at that beautiful WINDOW. Oh man, that is just awesome, even in my laundry room I get natural sunlight, and fresh air. How awesome is that?

I have TONS more pictures to show you. Can you tell, I'm pretty excited? This will be a long summer indeed. Moving, unpacking, gardening, and trying to fit in a vacation or two as well, lol. Let's see hwo everything goes!!!


  1. What a beautiful house. Can I move in with you? Good luck with moving again and getting everything settled just the way you want it! :)

  2. Wow! That house is beautiful!! Can't wait to see more pics!

    Songbirds & Buttons

  3. Your home looks gorgeous! So much light in the rooms, live it!
    Hope all the moving goes easy and you get settled in soon.
    Oh, I'd put the TV on the right side of the fireplace, don't know why, maybe see how the sunlight effects that wall during the day / evening when you are most likely to be watching telly so you don't get reflection!

  4. OMG, the house is gorgeous! I love all the natural light. Can't wait to see the after pics!

  5. Oh BELLA!! I'm so happy for you girl! The house is GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures or what you do with the house. The kiddos look super happy too! :)

    1. your blog and your posts r beautiful bella.

  6. Good luck on closing in on your new home, Bella! I can imagine what your house will look like once all of your appliances and furniture are placed. As for your TV, it should be put on the left wall so that the screen will face the window. Hope your house-moving runs smoothly! Have fun!

    Randy Robinson

  7. Arch doors, arch top windows, and a trapezoid nook...the combination makes for a regal sight. Not to mention the wood floors on the main floor. It was beautifully polished. And judging by the picture, the flooring in the living room is made of ceramic tiles. Putting the television on top of the fireplace is fine, but I suggest you place it on the left side, so you can light a fire in the fireplace while watching TV. That would be so relaxing, especially at night when you’re watching a movie.

    Kathy Carbone

  8. oh my goodness, girl... so I stay away for a few months and you go ahead and score THIS? What a castle, loving it. All the sun, you'll be up with the first bird to sing and burst into song yourself. Just imagine- the morning sun waking you up while everybody else is still gently snoozing. The smell of fresh coffee, a comfy sofa, maybe the morning paper and nobody and nothing to disturb you during that first precious hour of your very own morning. You will be so happy! And when your lil' ones finally wake up and burst into your quiet, you'll be all relaxed and ready for another long, happy day. Can you see it? Because heck knows I do! I hope your next post will be full of cardboard boxes, mess, mismatched furniture and general settling in- pictures. Can't wait! Glad to be 'round again, I missed you, precious.

  9. Bella! I'm so thrilled for you! How have you been settling in?


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