Friday, November 2, 2012

Blogging Break - Have you been on one?


Ahhhhhh, the joy of being on an extended vacation. I wish I could tell you I've been busy traveling the world, or sitting on a remote island. However the closest I came to a vacation this past year was going to our neighborhood pool for the 4th of July (pictured below).

Yeah, I've been gone for a long time, has it been nearly a year? I think so, maybe even more.

Don't ask me where I've been, it's nothing special. Don't ask me what I've been doing, it's nothing special. Don't ask me for a good reason why I've been away so long, there is no real reason.

You know how you don't go to the gym one day, then it turns into two, and before you know it a whole month has passed. Well that's kind of what happened here.

I clearly remember when school started last year, and I was so excited that for the first time in more than a decade I would finally have some FREE mommy time during the day.

Well that never really happened.

It seems like the past year has been anything but FREE time. In fact it's been the craziest ever in the past decade, lol.

For starters, my hubby who has always traveled for work, started working from home A LOT!!! (As in FULL TIME, FROM HOME, and well that my friends, meant mommy didn't have FREE time like I had so clearly envisioned).

Then some other things happened, and before I knew it, we were moving in with my mom. Getting my house ready for rent was CRAZY!!! Then we had to move yet again in our new home, which was also CRAZY!!! Two moves in six months, yikes.

I can say that I am 90% unpacked, lol. Mostly everything is kinda where it should be, although I have so much to do still.

As you all know, there is always work to be done around the home. I have so many projects it's not even funny. If you are curious, I think I'm going to post about my HUGE TO DO LIST, and see how long it takes me to tackle it. That should be fun.

This post could technically be the longest post ever, if I talk about all the things that have happened in the past year, so I'm not going to do that. I will try to highlight some of those things, as I try to get back to writing on my blog, YAY.....

I actually feel like I'm guest posting right now, everything feels strange, and new, or does it feel old, I'm not sure. I feel like I'm out of date, has so much changed? I was never good at staying up to date with the blog world. I just did my own thing. I'm pretty sure I will continue to do my own thing.

I think I have a clearer picture of what I want my blog to be about, but to put it into words right now would be hard. I do know that from the beginning I started it mostly as a way to motivate myself, and I think that it has served that purpose well.

I think about my blog A LOT, and I think I'm finally ready to move on to TAKE TWO of Bella Before and After!!!

These are some of the things I plan on blogging about:

Food : I love to eat, no doubt about it. So I'll continue to share what we eat, and hopefully get my kids to cook a lot more.

Mission Impossible : Getting in shape without dieting, without a trainer, without surgery, and all this after 3 kids. Is it possible?????  If you are curious, maybe you should follow along.

Cakes : I REALLY want to get my shop up and running in the next few months. I'm soooooo excited about it, and will be sharing lots of information on this as it happens. Plus I will need lots of volunteers to give me ideas for designs. It will be SUPER fun.

My house :  Projects that I'm working on, because they are never ending, and I have lots to do in my new home. I love DIY, and I LOVE saving money, so this will also be lots of fun.

What do you think?

Have you ever taken an extended blogging break? How long? How did you get back into blogging, and was it scary for you too?

Before I leave, I just wanted to say it feels GREAT to write this post. I hope at least a couple of you are glad to read it, and I look forward to getting back in the swing of things, even it takes me a while :)


  1. Glad to see you back in the blog world. I can't wait to see the projects you've been working on.

    1. Thank you Amy, it will be slow, but I'm excited to start sharing some of the things I've been working on. Naturally I've been taking pics along the way, so I'm half way there already, :).

  2. welcome back... i took a sabbatical for the past 2 months and know how it feels...

    1. Hi there girl. I wish mine was only 2 months, but like I said, it went from a couple days, to a couple months, and then the year just passed. I can't believe how quickly it went by. Looking forward to catching up soon!

  3. BELLA MY LOVE!! I have missed you! I'm so glad your back. I completely understand mama. I need a break sometimes. I can't wait to see what you are going to share with us. If you need anything, any help at all you know you can call me! :) <3

    1. Hey mama, I've missed you too girl. I've seen lots of updates on Facebook from you, so I know you've been "active". Love it. Little Alli is getting WAYYYYY to cute, and big. She's so sweet. I've been dreading starting ALL OVER again with the blog, that's how I feel anyway, BUT now that it's done, I guess it's not so bad after all.

      I should have just done it long ago. Oh well, it was nice to take a break, but it sure takes a toll.

      Hopefully things will settle back to normal soon.

  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to see you back and blogging! Yay! I missed you! Can't wait to hear more about what you're doing - and the cake biz! Wahoo!

    1. Oh girl, I'm super glad too. I've been reading on your struggles with the new Etsy policies, CRAZY stuff girl. Other than that I sure hope you've been doing well. I've missed you too!!

      Can't wait to catch up!

  5. Welcome back :) Today was my first "real post back" too! I think Ive blogged 3 times total this past year (if you dont count the wedding post). Doesnt it feel a bit strange though? Like...where do I start? What do I say? How did I do this?


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