Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to cut your bangs - A VIDEO TUTORIAL -

Ok, here is a quick video my son took of me cutting my bangs. We had so much fun, and couldn't stop laughing. I decided to share all the bloopers with you too, since this is so me. I thought you would enjoy seeing me in action, as I usually am. A total dork!! So anyway, here it is, enjoy, and by the end of the video you will actually know how easy it is to cut your own bangs, so that's pretty cool.
Please forgive my HORRIBLE video editing skills. It took me forever just to get this up, and the video quality is so bad, hmmm. I need to work on that, if I choose to do more of these videos, and I think I want to, because it was fun. Anyone have any pointers for me on uploading and editing videos, easily. I'd love to hear from you!!!

And of course I had to trim my oldest sons hair again, it was just a tad bit too long, he he. 
 SO much better dude, I can see those eyes again, thank you!!
I hope you guys enjoyed the video, and I hope you are learning a thing or two. Hopefully you can start saving your family some money and do your own hair, or even give your kids a trim. More hair tips coming soon, including my new NO POOP hair care. I can't wait to talk to you about it. 


  1. Hey Bella... When you click on it, it says this video is private. ??

  2. I agree with Kassi.. =( It wont let me watch it..

    If I'm not married with 2 kids.. I would say I fell in love at first sight with your boy! LOL.. He is so adorable and so handsome!!! Very good genes!! =P

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! You guys are too funny! :) You still have to go to YouTube to watch the video, but it works now.

  4. You're such a silly girl. Video tutorials are not easy, are they? I've been meaning to get to a hair tutorial AND a makeup tutorial. I might do one today if the kids nap.
    Thanks for the tip. You should totally link this up today.

    Throwback Thursday link party

  5. Bella! This was so funny! I like how you weren't all serious, while trying to be informative! Haha, Thanks for the tip, if I ever get bangs, I'll know how to trim them!

  6. Awesome video Bella! More!

    ~ ~

  7. Cute video. We cut my daughter's bangs today. :) I am your newest follower.

  8. Oh my gosh Bella! That was so cool to see you on video! Thanks for making it, I feel like I know you even better now that I have heard your voice. :) You are so funny! I loved that you shared the bloopers. hehe I was grinning so big just watching. LOL You are seriously so cute. And your bangs look great! I used to cut my own side swept bangs.. but Im not as good as cutting hair as you are.. but I always figure hair will grow back.. so if I mess up, oh well. haha

  9. ARE YOU KIDDING!! that was FABULOUS! I agree with Maria! I feel like I know even more now! PLEASE PLEASE more videos!! This was so cute! AND you did a GREAT JOB!! :) Love you momma! :)

  10. I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!! that was sooo good!! looved the bloopers!! ps you are oooo soo brave to cut your own hair! you go GIRL!! XOXOXO


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