Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My kids and I climb rock walls!!

While working out at one of my gyms last month, in the cardio room they were playing the movie
127 hours
I basically fell in love with the movie. I loved it, loved it, loved it. If you can, totally watch it. After watching it, I had to research this guy Aron Ralston further. I watched  all the interviews, and I just am blown away with this guys will to live. It is truly an inspiring movie, and story. 
I am currently reading his book. Can't put it down, so good.

The point of all this, is simple. I got inspired after watching this movie. At my other gym, we have a huge rock wall, and while I've been going there for over a year now, I've never really gotten into rock climbing, and neither have my kids. After watching the movie, we all wanted to try. So we went, and we loved it. We went again, and we loved it. We took a belaying class so we could climb all the other ropes, and not be limited to the bungee ones. My oldest son, and I got certified. While you may not understand how cool this is, I'm going to try to explain it to you. 

Rock climbing, obviously is a sport that can be dangerous. Even in a gym, you can fall, and get hurt badly, if you don't know what you are doing, and if you don't have a good partner. Having my son hold my life in the palm of his hand, and me having to trust him is such an awesome feeling. While I hold the rope with him on there, it's like everything else in life as a parent, you do anything to guide them to the top of the mountain, and then it's your job to get them down safely. Having the role reversed gives him a satisfaction I'm not sure many things in life can give him. I have to trust him completely, and know that he's got my back, and luckily for me, he does.

I'm really excited to learn more, and train more. The strength you get from rock climbing is awesome, and along with doing yoga, I am setting myself up for some serious muscles. We are sticking to gyms, for now, but one day, maybe we can start exploring the great outdoors too. 

Here are some pics!!
The kiddos and I climbing the wall!

Go girl, you can do it.

This was last week, when we got certified. Thanks to our awesome instructor who was so incredible. He was funny, and incredibly awesome to work with. Thanks so much Evan!!

In case you are wondering what my goal body is going to look like,
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  1. Bella!! Holy cow..Taylor and I rock climb..we got inspired after watching that move and after seeing Alex Honnold free solo Half Dome @ Yosemite Natl Park. Look him up on youtube he is AMAZING!!!!

    XOXO Andrea


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