Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Dino D - Big Boy is 4 -

Wow, what a busy weekend we've had. My little baby, is no longer a baby. He turned 4 on Saturday, and since he's still completely in love with dinosaurs, we went with that for the theme for the days activities. We gathered all his dinosaurs, and gave him 3 new ones for his birthday. The big stuffed animal ones are super cool, and he loved them. 

We went to the Fernbank Museum for his birthday, and he loved all the exhibits there. If you are in Atlanta make sure to stop by. The kids had a super great time, especially Dino D.

Sunday we ate a great lunch at a yummy Indian restaurant and had cake in the evening. 

Then yesterday we went to the Lake and spent the day having fun all day. We grilled, we ate, we played in the water, took naps, played cards, laughed, and tried to stay cool. Later that evening we dropped of my mom, and had ice cream with everyone, and just hanging out with the family. 

It was a great start to the summer, and I hope everyone else had a fabulous time!!!

Happy Birthday Dino D!!!
Brother and sister huggies. Dino D squeezing his new dinosaurs.
Dino D checking out the huge Argentinosarous skeleton.
The kids admiring the size of this huge dinosaur.
Princess and Dino chilling in a smal canoe replica.
There was this alligator in the kids area, and Dino D would not stop playing with it. 
Big B being cool, as usual.
See what I mean, Dino D was convinced this was his gator. He would freak if any other kid tried going near it. 
He sure does love his reptiles.
They even got to touch a skink.
Family pic with his snake cake. 
The kids, and one of their friends.
Just another family shot with Bunica.
This was the only picture where Dino is actually smiling. He asked for a snake cake, then after seeing it, he wanted a dinosaur cake after all, so he was not being too nice. I forced him to smile and this is the result.
The kids playing at the lake.
Dino D after a day of playing. He happily took a power nap, next to Bunica.
Luckily my aunt brought the cards, so we got a few games in. It was a great time.
We ended the day with ice cream at Bunica's house. The kids also loved seeing their uncle.
My mom couldn't resist making us something to eat. Gotta love that. This is called clatite. It's basically a kind of crepe and filled with jelly. They are SOOOO good. Thanks mom!!!

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