Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #1

Nothing exciting, and I barely got a decent picture done. Thank goodness my daughter came home, and was happy to take a quick picture of me, before she dashed off to play. 
Anyway, it helped knowing I wanted to do this post today. Otherwise I would probably stayed in my yoga pants, lol.

Basically everything I'm wearing is a Khols clearance item, bought with the 30% off coupon. I love that place. 
Boots I'm wearing are my most favorite comfortable boot ever. Not as cool, and sexy looking as some other ones, BUT at least I can walk, ALOT, comfortably in them, so they get tons of use. I'll be really sad when they get too old, and get a hole in the sole or something, he he.
The jeans I'm wearing are the first pair of skinny jeans I've ever had. I only got them, because the price was right, I think about $7.00. My whole family teases me, because they are all torn up.
My necklace is from my dear friends over @

My little princess, just had to pose for a picture too. 
She is so happy to be sporting shorts, and skirts again.

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  1. Love the look and you look beautiful!! The boots are wonderful and I had a favorite pair that I had to depart with last year because they did fall apart! :( I was so sad because they were so comfortable! The necklace is beautiful as well and your little princess is adorable!!


  2. Yay Khols!! I haven't been to khols in a looong time..but I love there!

    Khols & Burlington Coat Factory are the best!

  3. can you not LOVE Khols?!? You look beautiful and the tree behind you looks gorgeous...Spring is here!

  4. Super cute! I really love those boots. I'm all about comfortable but attractive footwear. No point in owning it if I can't walk in the darn shoes!

  5. Lookin' good Mamma! Look at those legs in those jeans...smashing darling.

    the blog's looking great too, great, great job with it.


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