Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guest Post ~ Agape Love Designs!!

 Today I am thrilled to introduce you to a dear friend, who is so sweet, and so very talented, she is also one of my awesome sponsors. Maria is one of those mamas, who you just love from the get go. She's so sincere, and friendly, and always has something encouraging to say to to her fellow bloggers. 
Let's all welcome her, and show our support with tons of comments.
Make sure you go say hello to her today, and check out my post on her blog  Agape Love Designs.
Hello all, and welcome to my guest post!
Im so happy to be here.
I love branching out, and meeting new people.
But Im also happy to be here because 
Bella is one of my fav bloggers..
you can say we are definitely bloggy BFF's!
She is a total sweet heart, and I thank her for
having me here today. :)
Well I guess I should quit
rambling and just introduce myself already right?
My name is Maria-Isabel,
Nice to meet you!
I am a 26 year wife and mother to three beautiful 
little chit-lens!
Yes thats what I call them.
I am the woman behind Agape Love Designs & Photography!
That's my blog ^ I'd love for you to come check it out.
As you can tell from the name
I am a designer & Photographer!
Ok so what exactly do I "Design" ?
Well I love digital design!
I design photo cards,
business cards,
I designed my blog,
and I also design printables..
and offer lots of FREE Printables
like the one pictured below!
Lucky in love printable {here}
I design & create hair accessories!
And every so often, share tutorials on how
to create your own.
I design and create Jewelry!
Which I sometimes have a habit of giving away!
I pretty much try to have a new giveaway going on 
every Sunday! Whether its from a Sponsor, or myself.
Either way, its something to count on and look forward to!
As you can probably guess.. I also have a little shop of my own
I'd love for you to come shop around with me sometime!
Spread some love, and heart me!
Speaking of spreading the love...
you may be interested in where else you can find me?
I am on Facebook... like me, love me!
And I also have two other blogs!
Oye... how does she do it?
My mommy blog: Mommy Made
My sister blog, shared with my 3 sisters: The 4 Way Stop
(I also designed those blogs!)
What else is there to say about moi?
I love to paint,
I love anything artsy & crafty...
you will find this out on my blog if you follow long enough!
And well... 
if I havent bored you to death and you're
still interested in getting to know more about me
then come on over my bloggy way, and have a good look around
dont be a stranger!
Leave a comment, I always try to get back to you!
Thank you Beautiful Bella, for having me!
Thanks Maria, it was so awesome having you here today. 
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  1. Just caught Bella on ALD&P, now I'm catching Maria on BB&A. Woohoo!
    Thanks for sharing yourselves with us girls. I just love it.

  2. WOW!! What GORGEOUS stuff and what a GORGEOUS family!! Thanks for having her over Bella! :)


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