Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FRESH Grapefruit Juice, even your kids will love!!!

I put this juice to the ultimate test, by offering it to my ULTRA picky, grapefruit hating older son. 

I like to buy my grapefruit, and let it sit on the counter, until it gets really soft, and practically ready to throw out. 

Yes, I know that sounds nasty, BUT, it makes for the sweetest, most yummy juice ever. Fresh grapefruit, is way to sour, even if it's pink.

All I did, was squeeze, no pictures required for that. 
I also made sure there was no pulp, hello, major no no for Big B.
Then got all fancy, put some sugar around the rim, BUT NONE in the juice itself, not a bit, it was ONLY fresh squeezed juice.

I thought the fruit itself looked so flippin cool, I took some pics, and absolutely love the way they looked so much, I sprinkled some rice from dinner on the napkin, for something extra, he he. 

Do you like?

See if you can find this grapefruit anywhere else on my blog?


See I told you even your picky braceface, puberty hitting, potato chip loving, wish he could drink soda, kid would like it, LOVE IT, actually, he asked for seconds.

I worked really too hard on them, but that's another story. 
Show me you love me, and replace your old one with these new ones PLEASE,,, 

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  1. I never liked grapefruit.. always thought it was too bitter! I never thought of waiting to let it sweeten up, that drink does look pretty yummy! :)
    Your son is a cutie, I can see he looks a lot like you. :) I like how you called him braceface, hehe thats adorable.

  2. Ah, Bella, you're making me wish I could have a romantic breakfast with the hubster (no kids allowed), and prepare such a pretty glass of grapefruit juice.
    And I love the silly thumbs-up picture!

  3. Yum! we love fresh squeezed juice. Actually my mom just purchased us a powerjuicer Im itching to try out.

  4. Ok. My gramma sends us a box of oranges and a box of grapefruit every year for my December b'day. it's my favorite treat! She lives in FL and has some in the back yard, but on years when the "crop" isn't good, she gets them from a local orchard (for lack of the right term) Anyways, my favorite way to eat the grapefruit is to Chill them then Cut, sprinkle some sugar then BROIL till sugar caramelizes. its SUPER fast and SO yummy. Chilled inside and caramalized sugar... Oh yea. Its amazing. I just might have to blog this...


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