Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Ready for your weekly FEATURE fix, me too!!

Since I have a bunch to Feature tonight, let's just jump right into it shall we?

Alrighty then, here goes.

Megan @ Fowl Single Line did these AWESOME stick dragonflies. Can you believe how stinking cute they are, yeah me neither, and I want some, ALOT of them, all over my house. My only problem, is I still don't know what maple keys are, and thats what the wings are made from, any help, Megan???

Thanks girl!!
Megan @ Homemade Ginger redid these chairs, she got for $1.00. What, what you say, yeah, $1.00. Oh what a great deal, and the fabric she picked is so fun, and looks SUPER cute with her new desk, well newly painted new desk, lol. They are on a mission to NOT buy any new furniture, lol. It works for me.

Thanks girl!!

Erin @ Making Memories with your Kids has been working hard with some GREAT cookie challenge. SHe has been baking and eating, and baking and sharing for weeks now. Is there a light at the end of that tunnel girl? Lucky for us, we get to drool over all her yummy creations. Maybe the cold has got to me, but darn these look good!!

Thanks girl!!
Kate @ See Kate Sew redid her plain black pumps, with a 2 minute glue job, and some lace. Oh man that sounds bad, lol. But take a look, they are so cute. Oh and her blog, well, it's only FULL of the most awesome projects. So many ways to recycle stuff, and make beautiful art, and crafts from it. Oh you know I HEART that very much.

Thanks girl!!
Creative Mama @ Addithisimmasews  made the most gorgeous hibiscus outfit for her daughter. It is so cute, that headpiece is adorable. I found her while checking out parties a while back. She had linked up a sarree blouse, and well, I had to go check it out. I hit the jackpot, she is awesome. Tons of tutorials, and all my favorite Indian outfits. Score. Now I just need to see if I can sew, lol.

Thanks girl!!

Taheemem @ Taheemem's Blog is also a new found blog for me. I found her while visiting one of my favorite Indian blogging mommies. I checked her out, and she has a great thing going on. Great food, great pictures, and easy to follow. Very important, if you ever want to try soem new food. She shared some sesame balls, that not only look divine, but I can practically taste the sweetness, right not. Darn I so want one, or two, or three.

Thanks girl!!
Alisha @ Simple Mommy Secrets did one of the best menu boards I have seen. I LOVE it so much, and could so use one, and thanks to her incredible tutorial, make it too, he he. Her blog name says it all, you need to go see for yourself just how many more simple mommy secrets you can find.

Thanks girl!!
Ann @ Make the BEST of Things got a pretty dull cabinet for a $1.00. Then her incredibly creative daughter came along, and helped her mom, Ann, redo this cabinet with some old book pages, and hello, can you say hello, this is beautiful. I'd say she SCORED big time on this one. Oh and go say hello to this very special lady, she REALLY is making the BEST of all things in life right now. She could probably use all the love we can give her, and I know you guys have a lot to give. SHe is truly inspirational.

Thanks girl!!
Um yeah I'm pooped, no surprise there. I got dragged into these blogs, and couldn't get out. So when you get a chance, GO SAY HELLO to them, I promise you won't be dissapointed.

Ladies, grab yourself a FEATURED button, and display it proudly will ya. Hey if you must feel free to brag about it too. :)

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Thanks Bella! Your comments made me smile!

  2. Thanks for featuring my dragonflies! I think they're also called Whirligigs, but they fall from some varieties of Maple trees in the fall, usually two hooked together to make like a bunny ear shape. That either clears things up or makes you even more confused. I hope it was the former. Thanks again!!

  3. Thanks for the feature Bella.. you made my day.. this week has been kind of less happening at sewing and craft for me due to health of my DD... this post surely brightened my spirits... next project is in WIP...will surely link up once completed...

    Thanks once again for the feature...

  4. Hey dint see until now... thanks for ur comments :) i am elated :)


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