Monday, November 1, 2010

Picture Time, Halloween Party pics!!!

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Now on to the pictures of the party. I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you all think.
Hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Halloween. We sure did.

My massive bare wall isn't so bare anymore. This turned out better than I could have hoped for.

Food anyone???

More food anyone???


Bloodshot Eyeballs???

Sambar, and Fish Parts curry!!!

Post coming up on this amazing dish, yummy, cheese pastry, pie, well whatever you call it in English. Oh well, it was good!!!

My precious darling Princess.

My beautiful sister.

Dino D was completely passed out for most of the party, sleeping through tons of loud noise. I guess all the late nights got to him too, lol. Oh and my office, library, got a super quick makeover, with none other than the DOLLAR store table cloths. Oh yeah, super cheap, and what a huge statement.

My mom, who is the talent behind all the desserts, and AWESOME cake. Love you MOM!!!

Priness, with a pal, who dressed as a werewolf. He was so stinking cute, I just loved it. My daughter must have posed in this spot at least 20 times. I tried to get her with all her friends, with the special backdrop.

Just some bloodsuckers, lol. Love ya girls. !!!

My mom, and auntie.

What a great family shot. Loved all the costumes.

My dear friends, even poor husband went along with the insect theme, it was ADORABLE.

Great picture.

Yeah we had some great looking vampires at the party.


Passed out Dino D!

Chatting away!!

My goodwill candle holder.

Say cheese!!

My family. Yeah I know we hosted a Halloween costume party, and luckily we had the wigs. I don't know what happened. Somehow, last minute, nobody wanted to dress up. Husband, and Big B, both had wigs too, that they refused to wear. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes. Dino D finally woke up but was cranky, and crying for most of the time, after that, lucky me, lol.

Happy Brithday Sweetheart!!!

My FAMILY, with everyone, only missing my brother.

Beautiful Princess, and her Amazing cake.
The AMAZING cake my mom did. I loved it. !!!


I am pretty sure I took a pic with everyone, lol. I made it a point this time. Since I am usually never in any pics, I said no more. I worked to hard for this party to not be in any pics, lol. Between my princess and myself, we put that wall to use.

Opening presents. So cute!!!

My piano, turned out great!!! I go those big ghords, a few days ago for $3.oo EACH. What a steal!! The little Lanterns were Dollar Smart purchases, and the Skeleton was part of a dollar store 6 pack of pictures. I just colored some newspaper black with a crayon, and shaded it in next to the skull. Love how it turned out.

The NOT so itsy bitsy spider got a new home, where he was happy to scare everyone, lol.

My fireplace mantle, got the brunt of my pumpkin collection, but I was pleased with the way this turned out too. Not bad, for a couple bucks.

A broken lamp shade, and another piece of that dollar store multi pack, how awesome is that? Ok whatever I thought it was cool.

Even the kitch got a bit batty, and the top of the fridge got pumkiny, (is that a word).....

An awesome witch my sister cut out.

Sams Club had this guy marked down to $30 originally $70, yeah he was fun. Glowed and said spooky stuff when the kdis walked past him.

My vase got all the dead stalks from the plants outside. Shoot I forgot the plant, hmmm, but it looked awesome in the corner there.

My specimen jars, and my version of a toilet paper project, lol. Pretty funny hugh???
Well I hope that was not to long for you guys, I took tons of pictures, but just wanted to share some with you. Hope you got a feel for how the party went. Today I was pretty much pooped. I barely changed out of my pajama, only to go trick or treating with the kids, lol, guess I could have just stayed in them for that too, lol.

If you guys have any cool pics from this Halloween, or Halloween past, don't forget to link up to my Special Party (look below for more details) I am leaving the party open for another week, so come link up. :)

**More Special Announcements**
If you are new to my blog, please stay a while and browse. I am host to a weekly party **Amaze me August** and I would love for you to join me. The party starts every Tuesday and only ends when the next one starts.

Also I just finished up my Special Party **6 weeks 2 Spook** all things Halloween. It was a huge sucess thanks to all the wonderful talent out there. THANK YOU to all who participated and I am leaving it open for another week, so everyone can get a chance to share, if they haven't already. I have yet to link up all my projects to my own party, lol.

Once again, thank you for being so patient while I was hectic and busy with all this. I am so happy to be back to my blog. I missed it and all of you. I have much to catch up on. Can't wait to see what you all have been up too.
As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Amazing party u got there Bella, and the deco, you have outdone yourself this time! all of you look awesome and so does the cake ;-) sad to have missed it! See you soon! Vidya

  2. Oh Bella you did an amazing job!!!! Everything looks so great! All that food look so freaky and delicious and that cake!!! WOW!!! Your mom is so talented, it is gorgeous!! It looks like everyone had a great time and your daughter looks so happy with everything!!! What a good momma you are!!

  3. Looks like a great party and everyone looks so happy! Must have been a blast! I love all the spooky food you came up with but that wall decorations really makes me jealous. It looks amazing!

  4. sorry i could'nt make it, i had to go support my bros game that was like couple hours away. But yeah it looks like you guys had lots of fun, and the food well you already know that i always love when you cook, all those days i came over.

  5. Thanks for sharing, it makes me want to go up there and party with you guys. Love you much?
    Auntie Nancy.

  6. Hey!!!! I love the pictures Bella!! What's more to say, because I was a part of it and we had so much fun!!! The decor was spooktacular, my best Hallloween party so far, so thanks for that!!
    You are one heck of a special mom and I stinking love you, did I say that exactly like how you would do?!?!

  7. Great pics! Looks like a super fun party!!!


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