Sunday, October 31, 2010

It' FINALLY over

Throwing a party is hard work, throwing a Halloween party, is even harder. The hardest party I ever threw. I worked at decorations for over a week, and in the end, I learned alot. I am not super woman, can't decorate, cook, take care of kids, clean, shower, and blog, at the same time. Neither can I stay up all night, without suffering for it the next day, lol. I also learned many things about decorating, and can say I could have spent half the time, had I done just a few things, rather than trying to do it all.

In the end, I didn't finish everything I thought of doing. In fact not even close, but instead did other things. In the end, like always, I prepared 3 times the amount of food necessary, and stressed everyone out along the way (sorry everyone). In the end, I can say I have enough Halloween decorations, to last me the next 30 years, lol.

But most importantly, in the end, everyone had a good time, and my daughter had so much fun. There were tons of kids there, and the night was a lot of fun. I would do it all again, in a heartbeat. Just hopefully apply the things I learned, and hopefully it will be easier next time.

I missed my blog, these past 2 weeks, and am so happy to be back. Of course now I must clean up, lol, so again, don't expect to much for a few more days, lol. Just checking in with you guys, and letting you know, Im still here, and I will post pics of everything as soon as I get a few hours, lol.

I want to thank everyone for beign so awesome, and still coming to party here, even though I have not been the best host, I APPRECIATE all of you so much. I have been looking at all the link ups, but just have not had enough time to comment on all of them. I have much catching up to do, so please forgive me.

I can't wait to share the party with all of you, and Im already planning my next SPECIAL party....**6 weeks 2 Jingle**, should be TONS of fun. This will strictly be an online party, lol, but regardless, it will be fun.

Thanks again to all my wonderful followers, and of course ALL my WONDERFUL FAMILY, for helping with the preparations, and hard work. I love all of you!!!
As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Girl I know how you feel. I talked myself out of a Halloween party this year after the insanity of my daughter's bday this past summer. As it turns out, 40 odd guests might be too many for a three year old. Who knew?

    Can't wait to see photos from the party!

  2. I am so glad that everyone had a great time! I think we have all been there. It doesn't matter how many people I have come over whether it be 4 to 20, I stress out, over think things, overdecorate, over cook and just plain go overboard and I am exhausted by the time the party comes! :) But as long as everyone has fun, that is what is important and it sounds like your party was a hit!! I can't wait to see pictures! If I lived closer, I would come help you clean up! :)


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