Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Girl finally sleeps in Big Girl Room.

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I've been hard at work rearranging Princess M's room. While I painted it, and got her room set up over a year ago, she has actually never slept in there, besides of course when she has a a friend sleep over, then they both sleep in there.

Am I the only one who let their kids take over my room, and bed? I know I'm not, and have friends who also let their kids sleep with them, but I feel like I have not had my bed to myself in like 10 years. Seriously my oldest slept with us till he was about 5, then his sister was born, and of course she slept with my until her little brother was born, which was about two and a half years. Then she moved over to another bed  right next to mine, and little guy moved in to my bed.  Where he still is with no plans to move any time soon, but we'll work on that.

So basically since my little darling started kindergarden, she's decided that she's a big girl, and that it was time to go sleep in her own bed, in her own room. So after getting over my own detachment I've decided that she was OK, and so I went to work on her room, as  I did not like the layout, and wanted to make it look better. Basically I rearranged her furniture, and cleared out her closet floor, making it a fun little play area for her and her friends.

While I still want to work on more things for the walls, I did make a little sitting area, with the headboard from the old bed, and a huge storage container that was in her closet. It's temporary but works for the time being. Check out what can happen with zero money, and a lot of back pain, from moving furniture around all afternoon. I'm pretty happy, and she was thrilled to have a NEW room, he he, kids are so easy.

BEFORE, walking in the room. 
Messy bed from a sleep over she had over Labor Weekend. 
Dino D, looking cute, but being naughty. 
Closet BEFORE, that big storage bin will become my new seating area. 
The view from the closet. 
The closet door is to the right, and the bedroom door is to the left. Notice all the butterflies, and hearts still on her wall. These were decorations from her bday last year. Finally time to take them down. 
Princess M, posing in her sleep, that night. This is her first time sleeping in her room alone.
 Same view from the closet. This pic is taken two days after the room makeover, but here it is.  I really need to move the wall shelf, and add more decorations on the walls, but until I find what I want, it will stay like this. 
View from when you walk in the room.
Barbies has found a new home on the window sill, and notice her seating area. 
The makeshift sitting area. That headboard was from the old bed she used to sleep in by my bed. This used to be her Big brothers bed from 10 years ago. The seat, is that blue storage bin from the closet. I just stapled the sheet around it so it kind of looks presentable somewhat. Again, it is temporary, but works for now, and instead of us sitting there, she has decided that her doggies should hang out there. 
Newly decorated, and ready to go. 
This is the wall, her large dresser and mirror used to be on, and now its kind of bare, but she can play with her  dollhouse more comfortably now. The night stand is where she goes shopping for her kitchen. Food and dishes are stored in there. 
The closet is now a mini as in MINI play area, but for the little bodies who will be playing in there, its just cozy enough. So now she can go shopping with the recyclable shopping bag, (green one stuffed behind kitchen,,,, see it) Here babies are waiting to be fed, and with her handy cash register she charges her bother a million dollars for a banana, it so cute. 
And there you have it, Princess M, her mommy Bella, and one of her favorite puppy poodles, Blackie. 
I obviously spent NO MONEY on this makeover, but my back is paying for it, and a massage person will be happy, he he. I just feel like the room flows better now, and I like the set up a whole lot better. Plus with putting the mirror opposite the window, it just makes the room light up more. The closet is an instant little hideaway, and the kids love it. I've wanted a little reading nook in there, and now I have one, thanks to an old headboard, and a huge bulky storage container full of clothes.

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  1. I LOVE love LoVe before and after shots... it motivates me to do it more often. I have a few spaces right now that need some before and after work. :)

  2. That looks wonderful!! GREAT JOB!! Thanks for your sweet comment too! :)


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