Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Starting Weight - Scary Numbers

As I started this challenge, I knew I didn't want to focus on the NUMBERS so much, especially the number on the scale. I didn't want the whole challenge to boil down to how much weight I lose.
I want so much more from this challenge than just to LOSE WEIGHT. If that were the only thing I was after, I'm sure there would be a lot easier ways to get there, none of which I consider especially fun, healthy, and most importantly sustainable.

However, knowing my "starting point" is kind of crucial to track some progress right. I'm already bummed that I didn't get a chance to do it until yesterday, so who know's I may have already made some progress in 2 days, and I don't even know it, lol.

I made it to the gym yesterday, on day 3, and it felt great. I spent 4 hours there. Went in early to get my numbers. Then I went to a wonderfully relaxing YIN YOGA class, it was perfect. I've never taken Yin yoga before, and it was just what I needed after not practicing any yoga in months. Lots and lots of slow stretching, and meditative poses. I literally fell asleep during shavasana, totally awesome :)

Then I headed to the spa, and let the waterfall massage my back, and neck. Then went to the steam sauna and detoxed all my pores. I LOVE the steam sauna. After that I went to the dry sauna just to finish my stretching. I love stretching in the sauna, and in the spa for that matter. Your muscles are already so warm, it's perfect!

SOOOOO anyway, can you tell I'm holding off on sharing those numbers with you?

Yeah, they were bad. It was really an eye opener, and I don't know why. I mean seriously it couldn't have been such a shock, I see myself everyday naked, and lets just say it's not muscle I see.

Even still, I felt my jaw drop, and started to laugh. Kind of a sad laugh really, because I let myself go so long, and now look at where I am. I've never been this heavy, even going in to give birth to my kiddos, not with one of them have I ever weighed this much. Also the whole having 3 babies thing, and never getting my tummy back in shape between them has taken a toll on me the most.

It was scary, and at the same time, made me even more determined. I NEED to get healthy, not because of the weight I'm at, but because of the rest of those numbers. I need this FAT gone from my body, and especially my mid section. It's simply not healthy, and I want to be healthy people.

I want to have more energy, I want to be able to run, I want to climb stairs without getting out of breath, I want to fit in my clothes without hanging out all over the place because I can't fit in anything anymore. I want to do it for ME,,,, FOR ME,,,, FOR ME, and then of course I want to do it for everyone else. If I can motivate even ONE person to make a change in their lives, I would be so happy.

So without delaying the inevitable, here are those numbers :
 You want a breakdown of the numbers?

Age 33
Height 5'7
PBF (percent body fat) 36.4
BMI (body mass index) 29.2

The machine says I should lose 32.4 body fat
Consume around 1531 calories to maintain my current weight I guess? Need to verify about those calories. Not that I want to count calories, but just curious.

So there you have it friends. NOT GOOD!!

I have LOTS and LOTS of work to do to get my body healthy. I know I won't get even close by my birthday, but I'm not looking for miracles here. I just need to know that I CAN do it. This 40 day challenge is a good thing for me. It's keeping me accountable, and seeing those numbers yesterday, is enough to keep me going until I reach that healthy point in my life.

More updates to come, PROMISE!!

Now tell me, are you obsessed with counting calories, or the number on the scale? Why or why not?


  1. Congratulations on healthy! It is such a brave thing to do, eating in a new way for better health. I am not obsessed with either calorie counting or the scale number, but wanted to send support your way. I am hoping to be brave enough to begin my own healthy journey soon. Going to use plan from the Trim, Healthy Mama book.

    1. Thank you for the support!!

      It did take a lot of courage, not really to start the challenge but to be so honest and share it with everyone. I've failed so many times in the past, mostly because I never "DIET",,, but I never held myself really accountable either. There is such a difference between the two. I really don't think anyone should diet, and def never describe they way they eat like that either.

      Really I know you already know this, but the HARDEST thing about all this, is simply DOING it. So go for it mama, you sound like you already have the right mind for it, and are doing it for all the RIGHT reasons.

      Please stop by again, I would love to see how you are doing!

    2. Hi Bella - came by finally and so happy I did - good luck on your journey!!!
      Now followng -
      ( are you on Atkins? )

    3. Suzan, glad you stopped by too, thank you :)

      I am not on Atkins, or any particular "diet". I think it might be easier if I was following something by the book, but that just doesn't seem to be realistic for me, and I can't see myself doing that on a regular basis. I really hope to learn better, healthier eating habits, that I can continue as a way of life even after my challenge.

      Plus I was never one to follow rules to well, and I never follow recipes either, lol.

      See ya girl :)

  2. Good luck to you. I know you can do it!!


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