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I HATE cancer - Be Thankful - Choose Joy

This post isn't going to be all mushy, or depressing, but more like an eye opener AND a daily reminder to be THANKFUL for all those that are HEALTHY in your life. Including your own health, and if there is anything you think you can do to improve it, DO IT NOW.  Oh and P.S. I HATE CANCER!

Amy's journey with breast cancer was the first cancer blog I ever really followed. 
This is Amy, I think she's beautiful as can be, and while I could have picked a "non cancer" picture of her, I think it's important to share just what cancer looks like, for this was, and IS her reality.
Click HERE to go to NEW NOSTALGIA and read all about her Journey with Breast Cancer.

Amy was so young when she got diagnosed, I just couldn't believe she had breast cancer. How did that happen? I immediately felt a connection, and her posts about faith were always soooo very inspiring to me. I was just moved beyond belief at everything that she was going through, and her strength, which I'm sure looked a whole lot different in REAL life, but non the less, her outlook on life was contagious, and I just wanted to have her spirit if even for a moment. I truly love this gal, and have enjoyed her blog for a long time.

Amy shares tons of healthy eating tips on her blog too which I love. MY ADVICE to you is DON'T WAIT until you have cancer,,,, :(   Take advantage of your health NOW, and start to take care of your body while you have the CHOICE to do so. 

Btw here's 9 reasons to juice your greens.

She also shares lots and lots of other cancer fighters struggles, victories, and sometimes loses. It's always an eye opener reading those posts. I especially wanted to share this one with you. I'm sure EVERY cancer fighter and their families out there can relate, and for the rest of us, what can I say. 

BE THANKFUL for your health, BE THANKFUL, and again BE THANKFUL. 

Not as I Pictured a film by John Kaplan has just left me speechless, and I only saw the trailer. 
Take a look, into the REALITY of cancer!

"Not As I Pictured" trailer from Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar on Vimeo.

To wrap up Amy's mission through her entire journey, please read THIS post where she talks about


She just wants to educate EVERY SINGLE woman out there YOUNG and OLD, that this can happen to anybody. Please read her VERY important post, and I'll leave you with this VISUAL of Amy comforting her daughter after her head shaving party. (My heart hurts) I just want to hug her!!

************** ~~~~~~~ **************

Then not long ago, I visited another blog I adore, BUT hadn't really visited for a while, and COULD NOT BELIEVE my eyes when I saw that Ashley from Lil Blue Boo was struggling with cancer. What, SAY WHAT?

This is not happening, HOW can this happen. That was my question all over again. I spent literally the entire weekend catching up on EVERY SINGLE post of what she calls :


I loved pretty much everything about Ashley before all this happened. She was always so CHEERFUL, JOYOUS, CREATIVE, TALENTED, FUNNY, PRETTY, and INSPIRING.

Guess what Cancer hasn't changed her. 

I can't even begin to tell you how enjoyable her daily blog posts are, (is it terrible of me to describe it like that?) It's true though. I do realize she is sharing things that are NOTHING but enjoyable, and that there is NOTHING funny about having cancer, BUT this girl can write, and she can share something as terrible as cancer, and turn it into something beautiful, and even funny. I can't help but LOVE that about her, sharing all these intimate details of her life, and body, and openly poking fun of it, because you know what, I CAN RELATE to some of those things, even though I dont' have cancer. 

Things like being SCARED TO POOP!!!

Read all about  how EVERYONE POOPS. It was a joyous event, and I know just how she felt. After each of my kiddos, I had tons of pain in my bumm, because of the dreaded H word, Ashley also talks about HERE. So the thought of pooping, just scared me half to death, and when I finally did, I basically celebrated just like her, so I LAUGHED OUT LOUD while reading that post. 

AND she IS BEAUTIFUL, still, no matter what, and maybe EVEN more so now than ever before.

I also want to (NEED TO) remind myself and all of you, that you can CHOOSE JOY every day!

Something that was born after her father died last sumer. Again I can relate because I too lost my dad, although I was much younger, but I do know exactly how she felt. I miss my dad still.  

Rite of Passage - Shaving my Head from Ashley Hackshaw on Vimeo.

You can choose to let the small things bother you, OR you can CHOOSE JOY.
Tell me honestly, could you watch that video without crying, or in my case bawling. I just cry at the look on her husbands face and the way he lovingly shaved her head, and kissed her throughout.

I am telling you, I would have been a HOT MESS, she is such an inspiration, and an example for us all, dang it, JUST CHOOSE JOY people.

Ashley hands out these Choose Joy bracelets to people every day, and I'm sure that EVERY SINGLE person that ever has the pleasure of meeting this fine lady will NEVER forget her, EVER.

I'm telling you I am just beyond inspired by these ladies, and by my little lady friend.

************** ~~~~~~~ **************

Meet Arianna (in her most recent phtoto shoot) by the awesome Matt Whytsell an amazingly talented TN photographer. He did such an amazing job capturing the pure joy in these girls eyes. Their love for each other, and for life, and the colors are so bright, and cheerful, and I adore them so much. 

Last July I shared with you the story about a little girl named Arianna in THIS POST and how she had just relapsed with her cancer. 

Seven Months later, she's still with us (THANK YOU LORD) and still cute as can be. I have been following along with her family's journey through her moms facebook page. You can go check them out too, they are all the SWEETEST people and your heart will just melt seeing this little girl, and her sister. The family is VERY involved with St. Jude hospital and if you've ever thought about donating to these kids, JUST DO IT ALREADY... they need all the help they can get. Enough said right?

Here's a link where you can get all the info on :


So there you have it my friends. That was a lot to take in right, BUT ohhhh sooooo important. 

Please GO NOW, and say a small prayer, THANKING the LORD for all the healthy people in your lives, and then say another prayer, one for all those who are struggling, and hurting, and scared, and sick, and even dying. 

They all need our help, our support, and our understanding, and why not go show them some love by visiting their blogs, saying hello, and sharing their stories with ANYONE who you think could use it. 

What they don't need is our sympathy, because as you can see, they all are better examples of what it means to live then any of us. We need to learn from each of them, just HOW TO LIVE, because even if they (technically) are living with the reality of mortality on a daily basis, only GOD knows what is in store for any of us. They teach us that every day is SPECIAL, and it is. 

Thank you ladies, for letting us be a part of your lives, I will NEVER be the same :)

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  1. These gals are soooo INSPIRING!! I admire their courage. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Oh my gosh, this post is filled with so many amazing people! Thank you for sharing! Even your post about their blogs made me cry (and i am NOT a cryers) it is so important to take time in everyday life to give thanks and be happy about the massive things in life like ex health that one takes for granted untill its no longer there!!!! Thank you for the reminder!!!!!

    Love k

  3. ANd then i saw that you added my blog to "blogs I love" and that made me cry some more!!!! You have def opened the tap! :) haha!!! thank you thank you, you have made me both wiser, happier and more peaceful before i go to bed! (night time in norway)

    (jaiks i sound crazy right now, i promisse i am not :) )

    love K

  4. This post touched me. Thank you for sharing my story. Thank you for getting the word out that cancer is not just a disease for those over 60. Just, thank you.


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