Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally Finished Friday #1 - Linen Closet turned KID STATION

The last thing I am sharing with you today is my TINY Linen Closet. 
I put all the sheets, and other crap in there because hey that's what it's for right, lol. However I knew there had to be a MUCH better way to use that TINY closet, after all it is ALMOST 22 inches wide, surely thats enough space for lots of things right???

Here is the OLD Linen Closet!!

Then after looking around the house, I realized I REALLY need a place for the kids CRAP, you know like a central place where they can grab coloring books, games, the WII guitars, and also a place where I can file some papers, and keep activity books too, since I no longer have my BUILT IN LIBRARY from the OLD HOUSE.

This is what I came up with, and if I do say so myself, it is BRILLIANT!!!

As proof that is works, by little ones JUMPED at the opportunity to grab their NEWLY organized toys and make a run for it, lol. Ahhhh I just love the new closet, it is so functional and so practical. Totally makes me happy!!!

If you want to know just what I did, MAKE sure to come back throughout the week I will be giving FULL TUTORIALS on how I Redid all my closets, making them WAY more functional, and improving the amount of usable space big time!!

Now, go take a quick peek at my other FFF posts I did today, where I show you MY CLOSET makeover and MY MOMS CLOSET

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  1. It looks great! MUCH MUCH better! You are seriously on a roll!!!

  2. Hi dearie!! I love your new closet, it is so organized! You did a fabulous job with all the kids things. You are an organizing queen lately! I hope you are settling into everything, it looks like you have been very busy with so many things.
    Love the new blog look too. :)


  3. Love the closet makeover. :) And my daughter has the same shirt. :) xoxo

  4. Woo-Hoo for organization and closet makeovers :) Found you through The Girl Creative. New follower :)



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