Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIWW - Blisters and Brown

WIWW - Blisters and Brown

So last week I had yet another photo shoot at my local CVS, ha ha. I tried posing a bit better. My last WIWW post - Akward Poses, was just that. Very AKWARD. While I still felt like SUCH a DORK, I decided standing up, and posing just isn't for me, YET. So I sat down in most of these pics, and I think my princess did a fabulous job making me look like less of the dork that I am. 

I will make it my mission to learn to pose, one day, but for now these will do. Hope you enjoy!
Earring and necklace - ?? 
Tank - Khols
Jeans - Khols
Shoes - Goodwill
Sandals - Walmart

 These bad girls gave me blisters :(
 Wrinkles, def a sign a wisdom right?

 Grey hair, my natural FREE highlight solution!

 Blister relief, but now you get to see my lovely pedicure!

 My kids giving me lessons on how to pose. 

Gosh, they are good. I'll try that next time guys, THANKS!!

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  1. I just love that first pic of you. I saw it on FB. Thanks for sporting my glam! We must have been thinking alike. I sat down in my WIWW post too. Hehe!

  2. haha Bella you make me laugh!! :) I LOVE that you included more close up pictures. And LOVE the upclose pic of the shoes.. cute. Too bad they gave you blisters! :(
    I also LOVE your kids' poses! haha so funny! You have such funny kids, they are totally cute to boot! :)

  3. Love your kids' poses. I can't imagine why you don't use those on a regular basis. Sorry you got blisters. :(

  4. ha ha ha! i am sure you had lots of fun during those photoshoots!

  5. ok, first those are not wrinkles but laughing lines... it means you have a lot of fun, and with such children there's no other way!:)) love your poses, very inventive... looking forward to the photo session in which you Do take the children's advice!:))

  6. You are so so lovely! And if wrinkles are a sign of wisdom I am SUPER SMART! Love the poses but NEXT week I think you should re-enact your kids poses!!

  7. You are too fun Bella! Boo to blister shoes!!! Get some of those blister buster cover up things to put in them.. Or give them away I say! haha!

  8. Cute kiddos! And you look great!! I should try "sitting" down, maybe less awkward!! Love your shoes and accessories :)

  9. So heels aren't the only painful shoes, huh? LOL!

  10. Very pretty! I really like the flower in your hair. I am glad you found my blog! I was so happy to read your comment this morning. I love finding other Orthodox moms as well. Now I am I the middle of going through your blog. ;) I am following you as well. :)

  11. I can never get over how cute your kids are! You made CVS look good! You have such nice skin woman! And boo to blisters! I wish my feet were all callous, yes then nothing could hurt them.


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