Saturday, June 11, 2011

Uttapum, and egg curry

The other day I wanted to make an egg curry, but realized I was out of atta flour, the stone ground wheat flour used to make chappati. So I made some uttapum instead, and it was pretty good. I love eating my egg curry with chappati, but this was a close runner up for sure. 

Uttapum is a south Indian dish, similar to a dosa. It is made from urad dal, and rice, left to ferment, and then cooked thick like a pancake with tomatoes, onions, or other veggies right in the batter. Remember the other day I showed you a wonderful Korean type pancake, the KIMCHI PANJEON, well this is a sounth Indian type pancake, similar in that you cook veggies right into the pancake. 

I have never soaked my own dal or rice before to make either dosa, uttapum, or idli, rather just use a mix, or already ground flour. This mix is really easy to make, you just add water, and I added some curd (yogurt) into it as well. 

Then I diced up some onions and green chillies, really finely, and sprinkled some salt and red chilli on them. You need a little olive oil or ghee to add to the hot tava or pan, and thats it folks. 
 The uttapum turned out super soft in the middle, much like an idli, and the outside was just the slightest bit crispy. I used very little ghee. Had I used more, they obviously would have even tastier, and crispier.
 This is what the batter looks like when mixed. 
 After spreading out the uttapum, immediately add the onions and chillies to the batter before it sets. 
 The onions and chillies, finely chopped.
 This is the mix I used.

This is the egg curry I made. I will post the recipe for this soon. I love adding extra veggies in it such as spinach int his case. Adding spinach to almost any food, is a wonderful way to incorporate a healthy veggie, without changing the flavor of the food. Getting kids to go near it, that's the tricky part though. 

Have you ever had a uttapum before? How do you like it prepared?


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