Thursday, June 16, 2011

Romanian Church Potluck

Our Church caught on fire last month on May 5th. Since the fire Sunday mass has been held outside, and the service has been moved to a much earlier time due to extreme heat later in the afternoon. Regardless everyone still gathers for Church every Sunday, and once a month there is a potluck meal. There is so much food, and you will notice a LOT of special breads, and a particular type of sweet called COLIVA, which is eaten in honor of the dead. There are lots of candles, and red wine, and after the service the Priest blesses the food, and everyone there, and it's time to eat.
 Take a look at all that yumminess. Don't get me wrong but you will never find donuts here, at least not store bought ones, hehe. Romanians love to eat, and we love to eat good food. That big round bread on the left there is a sweet kind of bread with raisin.
 Our Priest blessing the food. Can you see those two cake looking things there towards the center, that is COLIVA. It is absolutely delicious and as soon as I get a good recipe I will share it with you.

I hope you enjoyed that little peak into a typical Romanian Church Sunday. Well typical if you are Romanian Orthodox like we are. However despite the religion, one thing you WILL find in common is the food, no matter what church you go to. As long as there are Romanians there, you will find plenty of great homemade delicious food.


  1. I didn't realize you were Romanian! I spent a semester in Romania when I was in college, working in an orphanage. It's a very special place to me, I loved my time there. It's neat to make that kind of connection! :)

    diy kinda girl

  2. my neighbors are romanian. It was fun to go to the first birthday party of their daughter. she picked the keys of couse. we laughed and said they better start saving now. looks like fun.


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