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GuesT Post ~ Adithis Amma Sews ~ INIDAN CLOTHING, BIRD's EYE VIEW ~

When I posted THIS POST, asking for help, and then sent an email to my bloggy friends, I never expected so many people to respond.I am blessed with wonderful friends, and I had a ton of ladies, who were more than willing to keep you all entertained while I get better, or get some sleep, or paint my garage, whatever, he he. The point is, I am SUPER LUCKY, super THANKFUL, and SUPER excited to introduce you all to Lakshmi from 

Lakshmi, is just totally awesome. I fell in love with her after seeing her link up one of her saree blouse tutorials somewhere. Of course she caught my attention with that, because as you may know by now, I am married to an Indian, a SOUTH Indian like Lakshmi. I've dabbled in Indian clothing for years now, and enjoy many of the clothes very much. It was only last year that I finally took the plunge and wore a saree for the first time. I MUST do a post showing you my sarees, and my princess and I will dress up and show you guys how fabulous these clothes are. You just have to go check out this fabulous blog, she has HUNDREDS of tutorials, and she is incredibly talented, and generous with sharing her skills. I just adore her, and am so happy she is here today, sharing the beauty of the Indian culture. 

Hello Readers of Bella Before And After

I am Adithis Amma from Adithis Amma Sews! I am an Indian and am proud to share a post about Indian Clothing over here.

Indian Clothing has great history and heritage to it.

Saree is the Traditional costume worn by women in India and is draped in different ways across various States of the country.

I am from South India and have more information and knowledge about the roots of Sarees in South India and shall share the same with you all

Saree is a 5.5 metre wonder which according to me is the most sensuous garment that a women can ever lay hands on. You can be elegant, chic, modest and still look sensuous , thanks to the Saree.  There are also 9 yard sarees worn for different drape known as 'madisaar' or 'kachai' or 'Nauvari'  depending on the drape and the community wearing it. It is draped in an altogether different way.

South India is famous for its Silk Sarees

Tamil Nadu is world famous for its heavy silk Kancheevaram sarees, there is more like Aarani silk, Thirubuvanam silk and so on

Karnataka has the mystique and lightness of Mysore silk.

Kerala silk sarees in rich cream white with golden border are simple yet majestic statements of their own.

Andhra has in its basket the pochampalli, Dharamavaram, Venkatagiri etc

Saree is worn with a petticoat underneath (5.5 metre version) and is worn along with saree blouse.

Saree Blouse has gone through sea change in the years that have rolled by and are fashion statement of their own today.

From the simple close neck, long sleeve front open blouse it has come a long way to the days of backless cholis, halter cholis & so on

I would like to share some of my own Silk Sarees and pictures of blouses i have managed to sew. Just google 'Saree Blouse' and am sure you will get loads of designs on offer. I have tutorial for drafting saree blouse in my blog , do check it out, if you plan to draft and sew a blouse on your own. There is a Plain Saree Blouse draft - Blouse Stitching Tutorial and even the Bombay Cut Choli / Katori Choli Draft

In today's fast paced world, to suit the modern requirements there are sarees which are ready to wear available off the shelf, so fret not if you are not sure how to drape it, just wear it like a skirt, zip it up and pull the pallu (the portion covering the chest) over, you are done and set to dazzle!

Here is my own version of Ready to wear saree

My Wedding Reception saree

 Wedding Sarees

Other Casual Sarees

Other than the grand silk sarees, there are sarees to be worn daily like Georgette, crepes, chiffons and more importantly the breezy cottons for hot n humid weather prevalent here.

Few Blouses of mine ....

Indian Clothing has lots more to offer, today i  shared a little knowledge that i have on Sarees and Saree blouses. Hope you liked it. If you plan to draft a saree blouse please do feel free to check the Tutorial Page of AdithisAmmaSews to get hold of it! 

Thanks for reading!

Thanks Bella for the opportunity to share my cultural heritage with your readers.

This was so awesome, I enjoyed it so much. I hope you all learned something new, and take a moment to explore this culture, and clothing more. It can be so fun!

Agape Love Designs
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  1. This is the stuff you wear daily?? Oh my... I would feel like a princess wearing any of them outfits just once in my life! All of a sudden, my beloved jeans feel so dang ordinary... Thanks for the fascinating insight!

  2. Though i would love to, i do not wear them daily, the sarees i have shared are those which are special and the sarees which i wear casually aren't as rich and grand as these.

    Wedding and festivities surely means sarees like these and yes we do feel like princess and every one of us wants a fairytale dont' we?

    Bella may i request you to add a title to this post, just seems out of place as Untitled post - Indian Clothing - Birds eye view! how about that?

  3. Nice silk saree collection you have and also very beautiful butic collection tagged here.
    eye lift


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