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Amaze me August #33 ~ Garage remodel PART 2 ~

WELCOME, to the 33rd edition of 
I am so happy you are here. I can't wait to see what you have been up to. This is the last link up before Easter. Can't wait to see what everyone has been up to. 

Now on to my Garage Remodel PART 2

I am so excited to start finally showing you what I spent most of Spring Break working on. It's taken years to do this, and although it did take longer than I thought, I am so happy we finally got it done. The hardest part anyway. There is still tons of final touches, labeling, organizing, but for the most part, the change is dramatic, and I hope you enjoy the transformation as much as I do. 
My kids were all eager to help, sweet hugh. Yes this little patch of wall kept Dino busy for a while, lol.
Even my cat Tiger wanted to help. Not really he was just trying to sneak in the house every chance he got. Poor cat, he ALWAYS tries to sneak in, and run under the beds. I guess he remembers the good old days when he was an indoor kitten. Then mean mommy let him out, because I hate the smell of kitty litter, ooops.
Feel free to click on this picture and make it larger, so you can see just how nasty and dirty this doorway is. Bye bye, no more white paint for me. Heck no. 
My princess doing a much better job staying between the lines. Or under the stripe shall I say. It was fun for her, and she did a pretty good job too.
Ahh, there's Big B, he was my shelf installer. He had 5 heavy duty shelves to install and put together, and after the first one he was a pro, didn't even need any more help.

Clearly the staying between the lines only lasted so long. I HAD to resort to taping to get semi clean lines. I really wanted to paint horizontal stripes in here, simply to make your eye go around the garage making it look even larger than it is. I am so loving the blue shades I picked out. I'm happy being in my garage now. Princess had fun removing the tape after it dried.
Looks pretty good right. You'd never know how nasty it was before.
So check out that new door. Well newly painted anyway. I decided to go with black chalkboard paint on the garage door, both inside and out, and also painted the water heater doors too.
Those would be the water heater doors to the left.
Oh you want to see my garage floor, OK, why not. At least its clear right. Half of it anyway. We had rain in between, so while I cleared EVERYTHING out on my driveway, I had to bring it back in at night. It was so frustrating.

How about another BEFORE!! Yikes!!
Oh wow, AFTER!!!

And there you have it folks. Big B giving his thumbs up, a sure sign of approval if I do say so myself. Truth be told, Big B also did most of the painting. I taped, and he painted. I did most of the trim, and he did the rest. So he was extra proud of the garage, and how it looked since he did so much of the work. 

The power of paint I tell you. As if you needed yet another example of that, we see so many transformations, but it's so true. Nothing can compare to a new coat of paint. 

All I did was remove the cabinets from the walls, and take everything out. I taped off the walls, so I could have some horizontal stripes, and painted accordingly. Painted several coats of chalkboard paint on the doors, and painted all the trim the darker blue. I think not bad for PART 2 of the remodel. 

Please let me know what you think so far. Do you like it?
Have you painted your garage, or do you think it's silly wasting your time, and money painting a garage?

Can you guess what Part 3 might be?

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  1. WOW!! I am loving your garage!! Great job Bella!

  2. WHOA!!! It's AWESOME!! I wanna do this! IF only I had a garage!! It seriously looks great and your kids are just so dang gorgeous!! :)

  3. That looks great! Love the stripe! You are braver than I am. I am going to be redoing my garage too, but only 2 walls and a solid color. Then I'm putting in a mud room. Garages sure need help after a long winter don't they?

  4. I linked and wrote DYI instead of DIY.. oh well, funnier that way!:))
    the garage job is awesome, I wish I had your kids over when we painted the house - the team took forever and left stains everywhere, hard for us to enjoy freshly painted walls with a job done like that!

  5. Stripes in the garage! Love it!

  6. Girl, this is such a dramatic difference! You really have a vision. And kudos for creating your own Minion Squad! I love what you've done so far and can't wait to see the rest.

  7. Your garage looks great! One of my future projects to tackle is my garage. Thank you for the ideas :)

  8. Well! Make is 2 followers to 300, because I have happily joined your blog, love the things you post.


  9. Wonderful job on the garage! Love the stripes.
    Thank you for featuring my Broccoli Quiche !

  10. Hi there! I'm follower #299....way to go! Thanks for hosting, & your garage looks great!


  11. Hey sweetie! I LOVE your garage!! It looks like a room that should be inside it is so pretty! I love the idea of the chalkboard paint on the doors, you are so clever!! Your kiddos did an amazing job with everything and they are so cute! Can you please come over and do my garage now?? :)

  12. YOur garage is so pretty! Great job.
    A Bowl Full of Lemons

  13. It looks fantastic.

    My favorite part is that you painted the door! I love it. We have a white door in the garage and it gets so dirty and gross looking. Perhaps a quick coat of paint is just the answer!

    (Stopping by from HoH)

  14. Your garage is great. And what I work crew you got there. I wish I could borrow them ;)
    Found you at New Nostalgia.


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