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FEATURES from week #23

Amaze me August
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Leah @ LIVING LIFE CRAFTY did an awesome job redoing her laundry room. She hardly spent any money, and what a huge difference it made. She showed us the most practical solutions, that I think all of us could surely use. I know I especially need one of these LOST SOCK baskets, don't you?

Michelle @ GIRL IN AIR, took some good old paint samples, and created some beautiful flower art for her bedroom. What got me though, was the entire bedroom. It is GORGEOUS Michelle. I love everything about it. It feels almost magical, and so dreamy.

Ok, for real I don't know what else to say about Sonya @ BEYOND THE SCREEN DOOR, besides she's pure awesome. I've never seen such cute, and pretty, and adorable valentines decorations before. I JUST took out my old dried up Christmas tree (not kidding), and she just kept hers up, and decorated it for Valentines Day, hello BRILLIANT!!!

Shantel @ IT's A PRICELESS LIFE doggy sat her daughters little pup. Guess what her name is? BELLA,,, yes so cute right. Well little Bella didn't have anything cute to wear, and it's kinda cold, if you haven't noticed, so granny made her the cutest reversible coat to wear. This is for all you do lovers, of course.

Lisa @ THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, made me really happy by sharing this fabulous recipe with us. Cheesy Spinach and Turkey Ziti, oh yummy, doesn't this sound sooo good. I love a good pasta dish, and especially when it even sounds healthy, well, I guess minus the cheese, but you can be spare with that I suppose, he he.

The gals over @ JUST SEW SASSY showed us their version of the ever so popular pom pom necklace. You can see for yourself why it's so darn popular. It's just beautiful, so fun, so classy, and so personalized. I need to jump on the bandwagon and make me some too.

Christine @ KRAZY CRAFTY LADY took a not so cute, kinda plain DOLLAR STORE pillow, and turned it into blog worthy material. I LOVE how she made it super cute, with the simplest of things, really cute. REALLY CHEAP, and REALY EASY!!!

Trina @ A LOVE 2 CREATE made a very, very, very cute rosette wreath, that even I adore. I am not a pink kinda gal, but this turned out fabulous, and girl I know what you mean by spending hours making these little rosettes. It is time consuming, but oh so worth it. The result is simply stunning, and can you beat the price, ummm I think not.

~K @ VINTAGE SKY did a stunning PB knockoff of some hanging clock plates. When I was reading this post, I totally thought the pics she had up, were of the PB plates. Nope they are all hers. She did a fabulous job, found some BEAUTIFUL plates at the thrift store, and created these beauties. I love how they turned out.

Nikki @ BEST PART OF BELIEVE showed us how she made some washer necklaces, perfect for Valentines day, and simply by changing the ribbon, you can make them for any occasion. I actually think my little princess, and her friends would have a field day creating a bunch of these.
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  1. Hello Bella,

    You are the winner of the Saree Blouse e-Pattern Giveaway hosted on Adithis Amma Sews

    I had earlier sent you a mail, since i did not get response, thought you may have missed it.

    Congrats Girl! You will get your draft in about 10 days!

    Lots of love
    Adithis Amma

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my dog coat for Bella..oh, BTW, we adopted her and she's now mine! :-)
    Thank you again...I really enjoy your blog!!
    Shantel @

  3. THANKS so much for the feature!! You made my day... you are so sweet!! Love your BLOG!

  4. OMG!! Thanks a million. This is awesome and I will totally display it proudly when I can get home and do it. My computer at work isn't the most efficient to do blog posts from. LOL Thanks SOOOO much!!

    ~ Nikki

  5. Thanks so much for the feature Bella! It made my day! :)


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