Monday, January 31, 2011

How to add 3 columns to a minima template

I've been working on my blog, as you can tell. Sorry about the mess, but work is still in progress, and it's going slower than I thought. However I am learning tons of fun, new stuff, and it's all about blog design, and html. YAY.

I wanted my blog layout, to be wide, like a bunch of other blogs, I love. Do some research, and it's the OLD MINIMA template that provides you with all that room. So I switched. I'll show you how later, lol. 

There of course are a few things with this template that I didn't like, for example, it only had one sidebar, I wanted two, on either side. 

Then I wanted a footer that had three columns, and this only had one. Hmmm, what to do, google of course. 

Came across THIS old tutorial, but it worked PERFECTLY, and it was so easy.  

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  1. Yes, as lovely as blogger is for us, I feel like I want more control for things like this... It has taken some learning, but we can figure this hybrid of html and css that is blogger... :)


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