Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cleaning an Apple Keyboard

When I cleaned my desk, and redid it a few weeks ago HERE, I also cleaned my computer, and THE KEYBOARD.

EWWW, I thought for the longest time I would just be doomed and have to buy a new one. After a few accidents (if you guys EVER eat or drink near the computer again) the keyboard was totally nasty, and the mouse too! There were already some buttons that don't work, due to water damage I guess, and the roller on the mouse is pretty much NOT working anymore, despite all my cleaning efforts. 

However as long as I could CLEAN it, I was OK, and would not buy another one, for now. 

Here is how I did it. Don't judge me because my keyboard was so nasty, he he.

I am also linking this up to the 21 day challenge I am participating in, go check it out, Day 2 was cleaning your desk. 

Clearly the BEFORE.

Um, yeah, you know how objects may appear larger in rear view mirror, I think that keyboards, also MAY appear dirtier with the flash on my camera, lol. Ok, I guess it really was this dirty, gosh. 

Picture of the left side of the keyboard.

Picture of the right side of the keyboard.

Start plucking those keys off, they actually pop off REALLY easy. The bigger keys, also have a little metal spring, bar, kind of thing, this too is easy to take off, just me a bit more careful on the bigger keys. 

AHHHHHH, I know, can you see all that, ummm, PLEASE make me feel better and tell me that when you go inspect your keyboard, it is JUST as bad, or even worse, lol, that will be cool. 

I used an old paintbrush, to dust the crap away, it was super easy, the crap stuck to the paintbrush like magic, and I just kept cleaning the brush, and then cleaning the keyboard until done. 

Then once the crap was all gone, I could go in with the Qtip and clean away. I used rubbing alcohol, and it was perfect.

All clean, seriously easy!!! After all that is done, then wipe all those keyboards, I used a rag, and rubbing alcohol, and then obviously pop them back on, again, taking care with the bigger ones, which need that little bar inserted and then popped on. You can see in the above pic, the space bar, it has little hinges on both sides, that is where you stick the metal piece, and then pop it back on in the middle. 

Oh hi, hello there NEW keyboard, What you are my OLD one, never would have known. 

Totally clean, and this pic was taken TODAY, just to prove that it is still clean. OK, I did swipe the insides a bit, and blew some dust off, BUT, after several weeks, and I'm sure my kids are still touching it with their dirty hands, and even eating and drinking here, I think it is pretty GOOD.

Of course one more BEFORE, somebody help me, I can't believe it STILL, that I didn't run to get a new one, or google to see how I can clean it BEFORE now. 

Can't leave that nasty picture in your head, as the last thing you see leaving my blog, SO here is the AFTER, one more time. Now go clean your keyboard people, totally part of a nice clean desk, your fingers, and eyes, will thank you.

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)

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  1. Yay. I love it. Im totally doing this but I will def. use my Basic H. ThANK YOU!!


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