Friday, January 28, 2011

Bellas Blogging Tips, lesson 101- how to add linky buttons to every post easily.

Go visit my Link party Directory
For the coolest parties, I participate in. 
Feel free to add yours, if you think I'd like it :)

Then, copy the parties you participate in, I simply grabbed all of my Monday parties for this example. Pasted it on here, and they adjusted to fit. Easy enough so far, right???

Keep in mind, I set mine up to be small 80px buttons, so for what I am trying to do now, it is super perfect. Won't take up a lot of space, and still gives credit ON THE post of the project you link up, and it looks neat!!!

Next I will copy just a few of my Tuesday parties, and TRY to paste them where the DIY party ends, lets see, if this works.

Ok, didn't want to work, I guess I could go mess with all the html, and try to make it align all pretty, no thank you. Ok, so it just copied it to the the next row, no problem, still looks neat to me, and in fact even gives a bit of separation in the days of week, alright. 

Now I'm going to try adding just one, from here, and one from there, ya know like maybe you don't want to link to all these parties everyday. Lets see, if this works.     

3. Making it with Allie

Um yeay, that doesn't work very well does it??? Lets try one more time shall we, OK.

Ok, for whatever reason when I grabbed three in a row, they aligned properly, lets keep trying. 

Alright, two worked also, lets try one again, not that, at this point you couldn't just copy the actual ONE button from the party you are participating in, but just to see, let me try. 

1. Frugalicious Fridays

See, weird right, don't ask me, I have no idea, no answer for you, but you've seen what the different things that can happen are, right? 

Alrighty so lets recap, we all know that linking to parties, is fun, so make sure to link up to mine OK..... :)

Ok, sorry about that, lol, THIS is isn't about my party 
which takes place EVERY TUESDAY, and lasts all week long, that I really would like to get up to 100 links every week by THIS year, lol, I mean THIS MONTH, lol. This tutorial is about you, and showing you something I just discovered that might save you some time, and make all your party hosts, ME INCLUDED, very happy.

Since, we all want to do the right thing, and since we all don't have all day, I just thought this would help you out, it's pretty easy, even if you just add the top row, or for goodness sake the whole days parties like I did in my first example. There is nothing wrong with promoting more parties right???

Remember these already link directly to the party, how cool is that, and with ONE click of your mouse you could copy and paste a bunch of little buttons, all cute, perfectly sized, and accurate, all by visiting my 


Disclaimer, I don't know if it's ok, with anyone else for you to go grab their buttons, of their party directories, you might want to ask, but feel free to grab from mine, I let you, and now you might be more inclined to add your party to it too, and of course LINK back to me, and my party WHEN you LINK up your projects, which I hope you all will do religiously from now on. 


Oh, and P.s. I am pretty new to all of this, so if this for some reason does not work for you, don't hate me, just ask, I MAY be able to figure it out, but more than likely not, lol. BUT if it does help you out, feel free to pass the tutorial on to your readers, and let me know, you found it INCREDIBLY helpful. 

check out some places I'm linking this up to. Go say hello, and check out many other WONDERFUL ideas.


  1. You are getting really good at all this girl!! Thank you for tips!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love reading your posts, Bella. Your style is so real and natural...a lot of your personality comes through!

  3. Thanks for linking up Bella! I'll add your party to my linky list so I can come link up too!


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