Saturday, December 18, 2010

I should have just bought a new shoe ~~ BUT NOOOOO ~~

What do normal people do when their shoes fall apart, go buy a new one right??? Well not me, thinking I'm all crafty I went to fix my princesses shoe, they were totally falling apart, don't know how that happened. Then I decide it needs a whole lot of ribbon to make it look better, LOL. Mind you, this is all without stepping foot in a store, so I figure glue gun should work, and since her black shoes need to stay all black, the only ribbon I have is like the thinnest little ribbon possible. Do I make it work, well you be the judge of that. Gosh sometimes, I hate being so cheap. Oh who am I kidding, I am totally proud of myself, and my daughter seems to LOVE her new shoes, so despite the 3 hours I slaved trying to save $10 bucks, I guess it was worth it. 

Enjoy, my very first SHOE redo. 

See what I mean, TOTALLY coming apart.

Pretty funny right?

My bright idea, lol.

This picture is so crappy, but I was trying to show the border of ribbon I put all around the bottom.

Then to cover up all the glue that was showing I thought, little rosettes, BAD idea. First of all, this took FOREVER, the ribbon was so small, and glue was everywhere, making it look SUPER messy. So I ripped it off,  and some shoe too, and started all over. 

After tearing the shoes apart even more, I had to cover it up, so I just layed strips of ribbon on the shoes, see.....

But, got tooooo lazy, and didn't do the back, except for the little rosette, to cover up where the seams met. Oh and since the heals were all scuffed up, I did what all good moms do, colored them in with permanent marker. WHAT you've never done that, yeah me neither, but it kinda worked, a little. 

Another picture trying to make them look more decent than they are, he he.

Pretend like you can't see any glue, OK.

And yes pretend like there are no more scuff marks.

Like I said, at least she can wear them a couple more times. and she was happy.

Yup that is my Christmas tree NOT FINISHED,,,, my stand crapped out on me last year, and I forgot all about it, until this year when I went to put up the tree. It's not stable, and with my kids running all over, I wanted to replace the stand before I start decorating, BUT I can't find this SWIVEL TREE STAND I have, and LOVE, if it hadn't only broken.
SO there you have it. What do you think, should I have just gone and bought a new pair, or did it turn out ok, be honest!!!!

I'm off to my kids Christmas concert tonight, (that's why we needed this shoe fixed) maybe I'll share a song with you all tomorrow. They are so dang cute!!

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Bella, I think these are adorable!! love 'em!

  2. They are so good... u are truly talented bella...

  3. this is awesome..very smart..i have a suggestion can make multi color also by using different colored ribbons....lovely dear...

  4. They are really cute and she looks adorable in them!! You are amazing creative my friend!!

  5. Isabella, WOW! You did a beautiful job with those shoes. There are cheap people, and then there are ingenious people, and you, my dear, are the latter!

  6. Super cute and very clever! I'm a frugal girl too so that idea totally appeals to me.

  7. I think the shoes are cute! It might have been easier to buy a new pair, but I'm sure you had fun with these!

  8. You did an awesome job! I can just imagine your daughter showing it off.. "My mom did this for me!" :)


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