Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Amaze me August #14 ~~ How to make a Rosette from Ribbon

Hey everyone, just wanted to welcome you to my 14th week of doing this party.
When I first started it, I didn't know if I'd be able to stick with it, honestly.
I have surpised myself, and am pleased to say, I think I've created a new habit, YAYY.
This party has been the one regular thing about my blog, and without you all, I surely would not have the motivation to keep it coming, but I know that I am starting to have regular people who participate, and I appreciate you all, SOO much!!
Speaking of which, have you checked out my giveaway yet, hmmmm???
I worked really hard, at trying to put together something really special for my followers, so if you are one of them, get your bum over there, and enter already. What are you waiting for??
Ok, now check this out. I have been posting about this silly little wreath of mine a bit lately. What's the big deal you might ask, it's just a wreath, and nothing all that special actually, sadly, yes I agree. But hear me out OK, for being the crafty person I am, and for loving all things crafty, I have really been lazy in that department, for a long time. Yeah my wreath will agree to that, lol. This year, finally I gave it a makeover, a SIMPLE one, still nothing too fancy, because I'm not actually going to go to the store, and buy anything, I must use what I have at home, or too bad. So I was stuck with old flowers, or ribbon, ha ha.

I choose the ribbon, and being that again, I am so stinking cheap, I messed with it for like 2 hours, until I figured out a way, to make these little rosettes, and not make it permanent, as in no glue, or anything else. So thankfully, next year, shall I choose to reuse those ribbons again, I can, he he, and I prob will too.

Ok, so here are some pics, to try and put it all together, again, not rocket science, at all. Don't know what took me so long, to do something a bit different. For someone who gets bored easily, and always wants a change, I sure got comfy with the same old decorations, year after year. Hopefully I can modify quite a few things this year. SO be back to check it out.

This was actually done lile all those tutorials out there for real rosettes, but I didn't want to glue it so I had to figure out another way, he he.

I love how the gold wire trim holds the shape, but does make it a bit more challenging for what I was trying to do.

Simple enough, just loosely roll it up!

Pinch tight!

I used some OLD gold ribbon. Dang I don't know the correct terms for all these different ribbons, hopefully you guys know what I'm talking about :)

All smushed, from rolling, and pinching.

Fluffed out, again, nice.

Just stick them in the wreath, no wire, no glue, and the gold ties look cute I think.

Ta da....

My new wreath. That's actually REALLY OLD.

Now on to the party. I will be doing some features tommorrow. :)

If you are linking up, PLEASE make sure to go grab yourself an entry to my GIVEAWAY, you get extra entries just for participating in my party, and adding my button. Just a thought, in case you wanted some free stuff, for Christmas. Alrighty then, link up, HAVE FUN.

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As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Hi Bella!
    Told you I would talk to you soon..Thanks for hosting a great party and let me tell you, your blog is so easy to get around and the links are so easy to follow. Great work! I will be looking around and hope to see you over at Junkdog Design!

  2. So cute Bella! I love you new old wreath, you dressed it up very well!!

  3. following you back from more love monday! Luv the wreath. The flowers look so easy to do! I'm going to try them myself!

  4. Bella! You are too sweet :) Thanks for linking up today!


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