Friday, August 6, 2010

Dinner, and Mehndi with Princess M and her friends.

Ok so time for a little fun. We went to the zoo yesterday, forgot my camera at home, darn, but if you only knew how many zoo pictures I have already. Oh well. Next time I will get more.

Here at Zoo Atlanta they have an awesome family membership, my neighbor actually got one, for $99. For $30 more she added me and now either one of us can go anytime, bring a guest for free, and up to 4 kids ANYTIME for a year. Hello, check out your local zoos, and see if they have any great deals. This has got to be the best deal in town, and that's exactly what they advertise. :0

After the zoo, I made my trip to Trader Joes, bought a few yummy things, mostly Sauces, bread, chips, and a few other non perishable items. Its a good hour from my house especially with traffic.

I promised my little Princess she could have a few friends sleep over before school starts, and do Mehndi n their hands. We were supposed to watch Twilight, but I forgot to get it, so we watched AMADEUS on Netflix instead. LOL. I love that movie.

We started the night with dinner. The girls all helped make a pasta dish, salad, and garlic bread. Who doesn't like Italian right? After pigging out, we put on our jammies, and went to do Henna.

The girls, had fun, I was pleased with my first attempt at doing Mehndi. I think I am hooked. It was great fun, and once I got into it, I just started doing my own design, rather that trying to perfectly copy pics.

Here's some before and after pics.


Before pic, I try to cook with as much organic food
as possible. Once you get used to the added cost
you learn to budget for it. Cut out all other junk food, and
you may even save money. :)
My Princess M, one carrot, 2 ribs celery, 5 cloves garlic,
one onion, finely processed. Now nobody sees it, but
eats it anyway. Forgot my mushrooms, and bell peppers.
No biggie, just as good without. 
Princess chopping salad. 
This sauce is so yummy, and at only $2.29 a great DEAL.
Dinner, on my not so lovely plastic plates. I want to
replace these with metal ones, like in the Indian
food joints. I do have ceramic, but with kids never
use them. Too bad. 
Princess M and her design choice.
Friend #1
Friend #2
Girls together, posing on my dirty ottoman. My kids
have spilled everything possible on this thing. 
My hand, lol.
My son Big B just HAD to have something too. Manly
or course, but I don't know how to do skulls, and such, so
he settled on chinese writing for COURAGE.
Hope you guys like it, and if you ever want to try doing this yourself, its not that hard. Find yourself an Indian store, they are likely to carry the mehndi cones, or shop online, there are tons of sites. Always use 100% natural henna, never the ones that have black in them. Henna should be reddish orange when dry on the skin, never black.


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  1. Hey this fun, reading about your life, lol. Didn't know there were Trader Joe's in Georgia though, cool. Your food looks yum. I want to see something about your garden now.

  2. It's really funny and ... has a lot of inspiration! (what to do with kids or with food, for example:))
    I just don't know how to write my name here:((
    This is Luda B

  3. Thanks guys, I love reading your comments, it makes me happy. I will start posting about my garden when the weather cools off a bit, way to hot outside still.

    Luda I think you need to have an account, free, or sign in with your email address. Also you can follow me up in the right corner, and subscribe by email below right. That way you never miss a post. :)

  4. Preeti when you come we can have a night of doing this, I'm sure you are very good at it, so maybe you can do something cool on me too! :)

  5. I hate when I forget my camera for a blog-worthy (and just plain fun) outing.

    The mehndi is absolutely stunning!

  6. Thanks Katie, just checkout out your blog, and gotta say Im liking it. :)

  7. Awwwwee, look at Maya!! So cute, and the Courage tattoo for Brad, you are too funny Bella!! Ha ha..

  8. That's amazing! I don't think I am that creative, and certainly NOT an artist AT ALL. Thanks for linking up to Tasty Tuesday @!
    Dr. Laura


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