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Pantry Makeover part 1

**Edited** I have linked this up to A Bowl Full of Lemons.
This is an old pantry makeover, and while I work on my new one, this is what I am sharing!!

As promised I have started my challenge. I hope you all have started something as well, after all for the rest of the month we can be working on not only amazing ourselves, but hopefully inspiring others with some amazing transformations.

My first thing to tackle on my pretty huge list here, is of course my pantry. Betty over at Frugal Mom x3, did a post the other day about Pantry makeovers, she highlighted some pretty amazing pantry makeovers. I wanted in, and so I came up with my very own challenge, to not only clean out the pantry but the whole house. Alright then, lets dig in and see what's been happening in my world. 

I got a late start on doing this and while I thought I would get it done 2 nights ago, I will be lucky to get it done by tonight. Follow along and you will see why.

My pantry/laundry room is soooooo small, that I have nowhere to stand and take a proper picture
of THE BIG PICTURE, so everything will be top half, bottom half pics, sorry, but I have no choice.
Anyway, this is my pantry, very stuffed, and as you will see with a lot of things that are not required.
The floor of my pantry, overflowing with bottles and containers.
I store my rice, and atta flour (wheat flour for chappati) in big containers, as I buy this in bulk.
I will write up another post soon, on bugs in your pantry, until then feel free to have flashbacks of your own.
Onions and potatoes I store in this lovely huge container, and in the bottom half, wasted space.
Just huge bottles hiding leftover halloween candy, my kids RARELY eat candy. 
See what I mean, now WHY do I have such a HUGE container holding only a few lollipops?
Nice choice to store it though right, kids would never think to look in that, hmm, now I need to figure out
an actual good use for these containers, as I saved them to be put to good use, just hasn't come to me yet.
Onions I also usually buy in bulk at the farmers market, HUGE bags. I share a little with mom, and then store the rest.
I just lined the bottom with paper bags, I know it doesn't look pretty but, all I have to do is shake it clean.

You can get a really good idea of my floor from the top left pic. It's crowded to say the least.
My big rice, and flour container, hold another container on top that I store all my cereal in.
Now Just to show you a few pics, on how much space cereal boxes, or ANY box takes up.
Notice after one serving of cereal the bags are nearly half empty. I have been wrapping them
in rubber bands for years now. It saves space, and it helps keep it fresh better than any clip.
I store mostly all my bags of cereal, chips, cookies, crackers, you name it, just like this.
Again just to give you an idea of how much space you can save by getting rid of boxes. 
I knew I wanted to store these trays, and baking stuff, somewhere other than where they were. 
So after cleaning up the top shelf, Before pic is on the bottom left, I decided to put them up there.
The top right pic, is more stuff that I just threw up on that shelf. Not very good use of space.
I also took down the 2 huge containers, as they were only holding 2 small bags of chips.
The drinks,  I had all on my floor, you can see in the above pics. We could never really get to them easily.
With the exception of two bottles, they are now up on the shelf. I added one container back to hold these.
Those really yucky dirty jars, are on my bench for a later project, if I can figure out something really useful for them.

This is one of my many door organizer things. Since it was torn up on the bottom, I cut that off.
Then I took this ridiculous waste of a hook off my wall, and after cutting the organizer in half, I will
hopefully have more usefulness out of that wall. Come back to see what I've come up with.

I know this may not look like alot, but if you read carefully about the bugs in your pantry up above, you will understand why this took so long. I must have spent over 2 hours getting rid of some bugs. I promise to post all about it later.

Now that I've started, I can't wait to finish. Please come back to see more of my pantry makeover.
Don't forget you can still add ANY project you are working on here at Amaze me August , this is
my new party. It is a Tuesday party, but for this one time, I have made it ongoing for the next 2 weeks, to give everyone plenty of time, to link up anything they might want to share.

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)

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  1. I have my cans on the back of my pantry door, also! I love how you put that stuff on on top! Great idea!

    Becky B.


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