Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Decorations using wrapping paper!

I wanted to do a quick post on how I decorated for my daughters bday last fall. She wanted a butterfly theme, and although I love the way a perfectly decorated party looks, I hate the idea of spending all that money and then decorations rarely if ever get used again. So in my never ending attempt to waste as little as possible, and at the same time not waste money. Here's what I came up with for her party!

I wanted something bold, and large, we have a huge wall that is empty as of now (eventually will either add family pictures, or kids art). It is the perfect background for decorating.

I found this wonderful pink metallic wrapping paper at walmart for $3.00, and it was a HUGE roll. SO I got 2 of them. I came home and got to cutting. I simply cut out huge lettters to spell out her name. I made huge butterflies, and smaller ones. Decorating them with craft paper as I went along. I also made a bunch of hearts, of different sizes and then we stuck them on the walls, all over the house, on the doors, in the hallway, everywhere I could. Our house was taken over by butterflies, but it was cute and exactly what I wanted.

After her party all I did was put some of the decorations on her walls in here room, and it's been almost a year now and she is still able to enjoy them. I am ready for a change in her room, so they will probably come down soon, and into the recycling bin they go. How awesome if that, hardly any waste, no plastic, or other things that will get dumped into our landfills. I think for the $6.00 I spent, this was definitely worth it, and she actually enjoyed it for far more than her bday party day.

I also am not a huge party favor mom, for the same reason as above. I hate wasting time, money and unnecessary resources, on something that kids get bored with and often break even before you get back home. So for her party, I did little flower headbands.

Attaching a few pipe cleaners, I made them big enough to fit around a childs, or adults head. I twisted the pipe around a flower and then added long colorful yarn to the other end. The girls loved pretending they had long hair. I got a bunch of flowers from the dollar store, and this was a very simple way to create a party favor for the little girls, and moms, and thankfully we still use these, as my daughter loves wearing it. Hopefully the other little girls, are still enjoying theirs too.

Heres some pics, and remember you too can decorate for a party using the simplest of materials, and still make a huge impression, only not on your wallet.

As always, ENJOY!


Here you can see her beautiful butterfly cake thanks mom
over at Euro Style Cakes for making my princess yet another fabulours cake.
Also check out her headpiece I was talking about, see her long pretty hair, so cute.
Pretty cool hugh?
Butterflies may not go with everything but hey, it worked.
The theme was carried out throughout the house. 
Almost got the whole wall in the pic.
Butterflies heading in the hallway.
Quick squeeze from Big B!
See all the butterflies still up in her room. She has been enjoying them for a while now.

Short and sweet. Hope you liked it, and if you did be sweet and leave me a comment on any quick cheap party decorating ideas you may have had.

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