Friday, May 4, 2012

How to catch a snake in your garden.

As I was getting out of the car today after picking up my oldest, I saw a snake in my garden. It was black, with yellowish white stripes, and looked to be about 3-4 feet long. I kinda freaked.

I ran to the garage to get my mom, and my oldest to help me catch it. My kids play in the front yard all the time, and are always playing in the garden, so leaving it there was definitely not an option.

I was almost 99% sure it wasn't poisonous, but didn't know exactly what kind of snake it was. I just knew I had to catch it and get it out of there.

My mom screamed like a girl, haha, my oldest tried jumping ON TOP of my van, so I was left alone to try and catch this thing.

I took a fork like tool from the garden and tried to corner it into a bucket, but I didn't have much success.

We called a critter hotline, they said it was unlikely they could get anyone here fast enough, besides the snake was not dangerous so just leave it alone. YIKES, again, not an option. I can just imagine my kids playing and the snake jump out at them, OMG, yeha they would practically freak out, and even though my youngest LOVES snakes, finding one in the garden that just jumps out, or slithers past you might be a bit much even for him.

Then my mom went to get a neighbor and he finally helped me get him back in the woods where he belongs. He ended up just picking the snake up since we couldn't get it to stay in the bucket.

After he caught it, we called the kids to see it, and pet it a couple times, and off it went back home.

KING snakes are very good snakes to have around the house. They are non-venemous, and help control the rat population. OK, good stuff. Oh and they also eat other venemous snakes, yeah, that's good right. It was a pretty snake, I must admit, but no thank you, NOT in MY garden, ahhhh.

AND even this made me thing of Tiger. Remember THIS post where he was playing with a snake in my garage at my old house? Oh man, I wonder if he would have caught this one too?


  1. Awwww...seems dangerous but you are so smart..

  2. We have a snake or two - they are seldom seen and not a danger to the kids. When we lived in AZ, snakes and scorpions were a serious worry ... so you do have to know what your local situation is.

  3. LOL. I'm sure I'll be seeing more snakes soon, now that the sun is heating things up!

  4. Well done in terms of getting rid of the snake.
    Most people have trouble telling the good snakes from the bad, so my advice is to avoid all of them.
    WE actually do snake handling courses as a day job and tell our students that the best way to avoid a snake bite is to avoid the snake.
    All the best


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