Friday, April 15, 2011

My cat Tiger, and the snake.

Yesterday my hubby went out to warm something in the microwave, which we keep in the garage. He comes in and says, there's a snake in there, and Tiger's playing with it. 

I thought, surely he was seeing things, or trying to pull my leg. I go to check it out, and sure enough, my cat looks up at me like 

Yes dear, I see. I'm very proud of you, what a good kitty. 
Now let the snake go please. 

Thank you!!

I was going to put it safely in the trash. (I know BAD),I couldn't help it, I freaked out, thinking I'd put it back in the woods, so it could bite my kids later, when it grows up to be anaconda. Not going to happen.

Thankfully Dino D, was there, and talked some sense into me. He was pleading with Tiger not to hurt the snake, it was so funny, and my princess was freaking out at the thought of the snake biting her cat, and then it would die. 

All ended well, and mama took the snake back to the woods to live happily ever after. Actually my dustpan, and a broom took the snake back home, not like I actually picked that FREAKISHLY huge snake up. Dino D probably would have done it happily. I don't even know what kind of snake it was, go figure. 

Oh, and I know you'd NEVER believe me, but when I was a youngin, like maybe 16 or 17, I actually snakesat my friends BOA CONSTRICTOR for a couple weeks. I remember sitting on my bean bag, watching TV with that thing around my shoulders, and neck. I wouldn't lie to you about this, I'm for real. I can't believe how much I've changed over the years, lol.


Tell me, would you have freaked out too. Thrown it away, killed it, or put it back in the forest to grow, multiply and take over the world, with it's babies? Just curious!!!

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  1. I can't believe the snake didn't try to get away. It looks rather content coiled up next to the cat.

    I would have definitely freaked out....and called for help.

  2. I would have put it back into the woods. But I'm a live and let live type of person. Snakes don't bother me, I'd actually love to have a big snake, but don't want do deal with the feeding process.

  3. Ugh. That gives me the willy's. I HATE snakes. I would have stomped on it quick as I could.

  4. I first would have captured it in a tupperware or something...he is just a little guy after all. I would have dove into the interwebs to figure out if he was venomous or not, if not (the likely scenario as venomous snakes are usually more aggressive) then I would have let him go. If he was, well...he would be dead, or let off somewhere far from my house. I've always wanted a snake...I just can't handle the feeding. ^.^

  5. BWAHAHA!!! I would've done the same thing! :) I HATE snakes though... Even teeny tiny ones.

  6. Poor little snake, I hope cute Tiger was gentle! I love snakes, and I would have deffo rescued it. Probably wouldn't have touched it, you never know, but there's no way I kill a critter just because it could harm me. I don't even want spiders killed in the house, even though they freak me out to the max. Boy, do they freak me out, I'd swap any spider for a whole nest of (non- poisonous!) snakes with pleasure!
    Well done, girl, the snake will thththank you!

  7. those are good pictures. cute snake, lol. My grandma has the same type of cat and his name is Tiger too, except he's a FAT ASS. No kidding, he's dog-sized and lazy.

  8. Great story! lol. I am not a snake person but I think you did the right thing. I would have put the snake back in the woods (with the dustpan). We put spiders back outside when they get in the house. It is good karma! :)

  9. Huzzah to Tiger for protecting the family from a horrid beast!


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