Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to make a Clementine Votive Candle

Hey there everybody, good morning to you!
I'm up late, getting this post together for tomorrow. I was pretty excited when I saw this picture of a candle made from a clementine. You can see the post HERE

Finally something I KNEW I could make, super easy, already had a bunch of clementines, yummy, and how rad if it actually worked, right?

Ready to see how it went? Alright then, check it out.
STEP 1- Slice the clementine in half, all the way around.
STEP 2- Carefully start to remove the peel.
STEP 3- When you get to the end, stick your thumb in to gently pry the middle section of the clementine loose, trying not to break it.
STEP 4- Remove the other side, again be gentle.
STEP 5- Cut out a star, circle, or any other shape from the side of the clementine that will be the cover.
**I know I cut mine wrong for the pics, he he**
**Yes, you need to have the middle section OPEN, so the flame doesn't get put out, duh, Bella**
STEP 6- Shorten your wick if it's a tad too long, you want it just about 1/8 above the oil line.
STEP 7- Fill your candle with olive oil.
STEP 8- Light and enjoy!

 So basically after my first failed attempt, because my hole wasn't cut properly, I redid all the tops.

My new candles stayed lit for a good hour or more, until one of them caught fire (the lid), and that kind of sucked, lol.

Note that I had peeled them yesterday, and maybe that's why it caught fire, had it been fresh, it might have had more moisture.

Also wanted to note that contrary to what I thought, there was absolutely NO smell, nothing enjoyable coming from this candle. No biggie just thought I'd mention that.

Ok, so now that you see it DOES work, why don't you go give it a try. It's super easy, super fun, and actually really pretty to look at, even in the morning light. I can only imagine it at night. I just had no patience, and HAD to try it this morning, he he. 

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  1. AHHHH!!! These are fantastic, Bella!! i can't WAIT to make some!! :)

  2. Bella! This is great! I never would have thought to use the center of a citrus to light and use for a votive. Great job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!


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