Monday, March 5, 2012

MIHM #3 - Under the Stairs FOOD PANTRY?

Welcome to another week of MIHM.
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This week I'm working on something, that I really have no idea how to make happen!

My mom used this space for SHOE storage before we moved in, with some extra pickle bottles, or soda cans roaming around in between. Again it was a horrible waste of space, and considering that our upstairs pantry is SO SMALL, I need all the room I can get!

This WOULD be a great addition to my upstairs pantry, if only I could figure out how to make this area work for me. Clearly the shape of the room makes  it challenging!

Plus there is another small door, that leads to another small area for storage. Not that I want to use that, but I can't exactly cover it off completely, my brother has stuff in there! See it in the picture below?

Obviously I've already removed the shoes, and added more food, but this extra pantry is a LONG way from finished. I also added those black shelves in there, because I had them on hand, and I needed to add more food to that side of the wall too. 

These pictures were taken when I first moved in, so since then I've added more food, but the space is so tight, it is impossible to bend over to see what is actually on those shelves, it's hard to get to anything, and there is yet so much unused vertical space. 

I know there just HAS to be a better way. I've been trying to design a practical solution to this space, mostly in my head, lol, and I think I've got it. 

HOPEFULLY things work out like I imagine them too, and when you come back on Friday, you will be as shocked as me, IF I can pull this project off. 


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  1. It would take a bit of work, but I have seen vertical can storage where you feed the cans in the top and they roll down and you can remove them from the bottom. My dad built some for the ends of their storage shelves several years ago. That would use the space on the side wall and not be too deep to impede the moving space. I'm sure they are available commercially, too. Just a thought. :)


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