Friday, March 2, 2012

FFF #2 - How to organize your Laundry Room, a picture tutorial

YAY time for another round of FINALLY FINISHED FRIDAY!

This week I worked on my LAUNDRY ROOM. I was telling you guys that even though it is like 10 times bigger than my old LAUNDRY ROOM / PANTRY, it was still a HUGE MESS! Yes there are cabinets in there, perfect for storage, but if they are not organized correctly, what's the point? Having counter space meant, the perfect landing spot to throw all our crap. Yup even the tops of the machines got used, because there just wasn't anywhere else to put this STUFF!
There was ONLY one shelf in this room, and it was above the washing machine and dryer. My mom initially had paper towels up there, and I other misc items that made NO SENSE at all, because SO much vertical space was being wasted. This is when we first moved in!

I took ALL the pots and pans she had hidden in her cabinets, and put them up there. She hates it, but I love it. Now we can see exactly which pots we have, what we want to use, and yes, you need to stand on a stepping stool to reach them, but oh well. So much more practical. 

For the time being I'm not showing you the inside of the cabinets quite yet, I'm not finished! But, lets get started on the rest of the room shall we?
 That shoe shelf you see there was put up by me already a few weeks ago, BUT that entire corner needed improvising. It was still such a mess. I had vacuum attachment parts, a shredder, and all kinds of other CRAP on the floor.
This corner was my major project for the week. I knew I had to utilize that space. It may bot be a lot, and it had all that silver air duct stuff in the way, BUT what a waste of space it was indeed. Initially I thought I would put ONE shelf up towards the top, and hang some clothes from it. Then realized a hanger wouldn't even fit, because of the silver stuff. So then I had to move on to plan B.
You see all those lovely little wire shelves there? Yup I installed those, and don't even think for one second it was easy. First of all it was my first time installing wire shelves, and while it's not exactly HARD, it was in this case, because it was such a crammed corner. Plus you REALLY need to measure everything perfectly, which I did not. I'll tell you all about HOW to INSTALL WIRE SHELVES later!

BUT look at what a difference it made. I was able to take ALL my crap that was lying around and put it on those shelves. While it still looks extremely cluttered, and messy, I assure you it's not. I'm sure once I pretty up the box I use to hold my cleaning towels, and do something about the silver air ducts and the ugly heater, it will look much better, he he. 

Oh and did I tell you these were FREE. I had a whole bunch of wire shelves that a friend gave me over 2 years ago, how sweet hugh? I never got around to using any of it, BUT now I'm finding all kinds of ways to use it. This is just the beginning people!!
Totally useful for the laundry room. I was able to put all the small stuff in there. 
Shoe polish, sponges, extra floor pads, etc. Totally get one, it's awesome.
These shoe racks on the other hand, were NOT FREE. I know I could have gone WAY cheaper, but I LOVE them, and sometimes, you just have to splurge a little. I'll talk about these SHOE RACKS later too. I seriously LOVE them,
Here's something different. Instead of putting all your shirts on hangers, you could just throw them up on this utility hook. It's just like putting them on the back of a chair, it keeps them from getting wrinkled, and when you're done you can just gently grab them and go to your closet and hand them up. Much MUCH faster if you're in a hurry, and they will not get wrinkled.

Clearly because you can have the UGLY silver duct pipes and heater staring at you from both directions, lol. No seriously....... it is a wonderful addition. It's a great place to get one last peek at yourself before heading out the door. AND it does make the room seem bigger, more open, less like a laundry room. Now if I can just make it look even prettier. I'm sure I'll get to it one day. For now, I'm just super happy that it's way more organized!!


So what do you think? Is it much better or what? Did you learn anything new to apply to your own laundry room makeover?

Don't forget to leave me some feedback. I'm trying all kinds of new things here, in case you haven't noticed. I'd love to see what you think of it all. If you still don't know what I'm talking about you can start by catching up on a few posts.

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  1. Hmm, seeing this I almost wish I had a laundry room!!! (Laundry is my biggest enemy. I'd rather plow the back 40)

    It looks really great. And I actually have an identical-looking shoe rack that I also use for organization!!! Take a look:

    Great minds think alike! Wish I'd posted before pictures, but just picture a ridiculously messy bathroom.


  2. Great ideas! The wheels are turning for implementing some of these suggestions in my laundry room. Why have I never thought of shelves???? I'm anxious to see your weekly accomplishments and just might get motivated to join in!

  3. YOu've got some great ideas here :) Sadly, I dont have a laundry room....but so many of these could be used elsewhere too.


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