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Back to school shopping - how to teach kids about money-

Happy BACK to SCHOOL everyone. 
Here are some pics of my kiddos on the first day of school, like always. Big B, used to be as small as Dino D seven years ago when we moved in this house, and I have a pic of them right there in that spot every year. Hurry someone hand me a tissue, I'm bawling over here. How the heck did they grow so fast? Princess was still in my tummy when we moved here, now she's off to 1st grade. Dino D is going into pre-k, and mommy will be alone. I am despite the sadness, and tears, VERY much looking forward to ME time finally after 13 years of non stop kids by my side every moment of the day, EVERY moment I tell you. In fact the little one STILL sleeps with me. Oh boy!!

At the end of the post I want to share with you how I got my kids to be responsible shoppers. It was awesome, and I highly suggest you try it too. :)
I may be their mother, but DANG they are the cutest things ever. I love you kiddos.
My one and only princess.
My boys, trouble all around. 
Yup he had to change his shirt, when Dad got home, and showed him the shirt my friend from Cali sent him, he did a quick switcheroo, and was ready for school. Gotta say that shirt ROCKS.
Since Dino doesn't start school for another week, he insisted on doing his studies anyway. Boys, and crayons, the funniest thing ever. At least he finally gave in to holding the crayon the right way, lol. 

Ok, so are you ready for my story about shopping with the kids. 
It's easy, I gave him a budget, in my case I gave him $150 bucks to spend. 
Mind you this may seem like a lot, or a little depending on who you ask, but I thought it was a perfect number and he should be able to buy enough clothes with that amount. If he was careful. 

So we went from I NEED these amazing high top skater shoes, and a pair of school shoes, and an extra pair just in case, TO.....

finding a really great pair of Puma tennis shoes, on clearance for $50, and I got another pair for half off, YAY... The other pair was for dad, so he didn't need to pay for those, lol. 

We went from checking out Macy's and Abercombie and wanting a pair of jeans from there, BUT not wanting to spend another $60, TO....

finding the perfect fit skinny jeans at OLD NAVY for $10.00. Score, he got 2 pairs, and a shirt, for half of what it would have cost at the other places. 

I also got him to go shop at Platos Closet, a trendy goodwill kind of place. He scored on a couple shirts there, and another pair of awesome skinny jeans. 

He stocked up on some cool shirts at Target too, so all in all a success.

Lesson learned, he could care less about labels, YES, and he doesn't mind second hand clothes, YES, and even though we could totally afford to shop at more expensive places, we'd rather NOT, and spend our money on other things. 

So NO new backpacks, NO way. ONLY one pair of new shoes.  The only new clothes they got were things they really needed, NOT wanted, which is a big difference. I love my kids. They are awesome, and I think I've taught them pretty well so far. 

What about you, do you go all out for back to school shopping? Do you feel bad shopping clearance, sale, and second hand stores? What if you COULD afford it, would you still be frugal, or would you be happy to buy at those expensive places?

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  1. This is really great Bella! A good way to teach the kids about Money! I did a little pre shopping with the kids already. But they still need to do a little more. Im waiting until next month though. And they will also have a certain amount to spend. I never really thought about letting them in on the number.. but I think I will.. that way I dont have to hear any whining about what they can and cant have. I think so far Ive done pretty good too though. Because Kiah's shoes from last year still fit her and they are still new looking since she work her sketcher (kind of like crocs, but sketchers brand) slip on shoes most of the year. Then got a new pair only a few months ago. She asked if she was getting new shoes and I explained about her other shoes and she was cool about it. She also wanted a new backpack! And hers from last year was also looking great. So I said well we can spend money on a new one.. but then thats less money for clothes or anything else you need, and she was good with that too. I think she mostly just wanted something new because Brucey would be getting new shoes and a backpack. But its his first year in school.. so he never had a backpack before, and his shoes were so bad they had holes in them! :(

    Anyways... I am way excited for them to start school! And when we finish our school clothes shopping next month I will def take your idea and show them price tags and such! :) What a great learning opportunity Bella!

  2. Great job! And I'm with you - my kids go to a private school because there aren't good public schools by us, but I STILL scour for uniforms at the lowest cost ever because why spend $30 on a blue polo?! I shopped the school uniform resale, and then I scored a couple of new polos for $5 each from old navy, and $10 blue pants from there, too. It's more fun to spend money on other things, like family nights out at the movies or soemthing. And you're kids are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Belllllllaaa! Thank you for all your comments! I love that someone went back and read my old posts cause that was a lot of work I used to do before I even had an audience! Your kids are sooo cute! Trust me, Im not down with uncute kids. I live by Sacramento, but my parents have a house close to Yucaipa, CA as well. I lived in Mexico for 2 years teaching the English. So GA eh? How did you end up over there? Got to see if you have a twitter now.

    Your homegirl,

  4. I can't get enough of seeing them and they always make me smile!:) This responsible shopping idea must have been a great game for them too! And I couldn't agree more with your shopping principles!

  5. Once again the fabulous mama does it! Great job teaching them about money/deals/labels. I personally have never been drawn to labels. Now if I do buy something 75% off that was from some fancy designer I give myself an extra pat on the back for scoring it for CHEAP! LoL My oldest is 7 so I'm not sure if I'll do this for him YET as far as back to school clothes, but we do practice this with his earned money. :0) PS: It makes me smile to see your kids wearing SHORTS at the beginning of school! Over here we're usually back to jeans! LoL

  6. I'm still in school, but I tend to skip the back to school shopping and only go if I need something. I like places like Plato's Closet, especially to turn in old stuff and get cash for it!


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