Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kids doing chores ~ & CAKE DECORATING TUTORIAL ~

If you have a little man like I do, then even 4 year old little boys can wash the dishes, he he. 
Ever since I started giving him money (in the form of writing in a check book, 2 days ago) he is all over working hard at anything, so he can make money. It's the CUTEST thing ever. My other two, well, lets just say they are MUCH less enthusiastic about the whole thing, lol. 

It helps that the dishes we use are stainless steel, therefor unbreakable. Otherwise I'd think twice about allowing him to do it. I just had to share these pics with al of you, he made my heart melt, he was sooooo cute, and he always sticks his little tongue out when he concentrates on something, it is the best.

So the next time you wonder when you can start your kids doing dishes, the answer is when you start paying them money, he he. Shoot, had I tried this a couple years ago, I wouldn't even have had to get a new dishwasher, jk.....

Love you little man, my Dino D!!!

Oh and today I'm over at my best friends blog:

I'm sharing a great tutorial on how to turn an invitation into a design for a cake. 
You might wanna go check it out, it's really cute.
Remember this cake, does it look familiar?
Come see how I did it, step by step!

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  1. Hi! He's really cute washing dishes:)) That means you've got more time for emails;) Kidding, but..I hope mine didn't get lost:)

  2. Halloween Decoration Says:

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  3. Dino D is SO CUTE!!! Look at him go! I have pics of Alie doing the dishes!! I LOVE IT! Thanks for doing the guest post for me! :)


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