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Goodwill chairs makeover - Guest Post - Kim @ Too Much Time on my Hands

I am so happy to introduce you guys to KIM today. I have really enjoyed reading her blog, and especially her Earth Day Projects. You all know how much I love that :) She's super sweet, and I am so glad she's sharing her wonderful chair redo with us today!!

Thanks so much for letting me crash your pad, Bella!

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Right now, I am in the middle of my "1 room for $100" and am reworking my loft/office/craft room. It was a mess and in need of a serious intervention.

I found these fab chairs at Goodwill for $1.99 each. There were four, but two were very wobbly and shabby and I wasn't too sure of my fix it skills, so I stuck with the two solid ones. 
I love the shape and while the finish was rotten, the wood was in very good condition.
Check out the lovely vinyl seats- nice right?

I took off the seats and sanded away with my palm sander  till everything was smooth.I watered down some of my kids  $1.99 red paint, don't judge, it is what I had on hand and I was too impatient to wait till I could run to the store for appropriate paint. 

I painted on a thin coat and then after it dried I sanded it up a bit by hand, retouched certain areas, and sanded some more. I was aiming for a worn and distressed look (since the kids will rough 'em up anyway) and it took some time to get there.

Now something really had to be done about those seats. I have some drop cloth material left over from the curtains in my son's room and decided to use them here (remember this whole redo is under $100, so I need to be thrifty). The seats were also very hard and not comfy, so I grabbed a 2 pack of foam for $6.97 and cut them to the size and shape of the seats. Then I measured the fabric and cut to fit.

I found some fun bumblebee images at  Graphics Fairy (here and  here)that I thought would look cute on the seats. So I printed them on iron on transfer paper ($5.59 at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon), cut as close to the image as possible, and ironed them onto the middle of the drop cloth pieces.

I used my trusty staple gun to attach the fabric and screwed the seats back on.
Hmmm, they just felt like they still needed something more, a witty saying perhaps?

These chairs are going to the craft table for my kids to use when they do projects. My chair will say "queen," of course.

And here they are in all their fun, vintagey, worn in, and comfy glory.

I think I am going to ship them out to the garage one more time for a coat of scotch guard on the seats.
Markers + 2 Year Old = Big Mess

Thanks for letting me share and join in the fun over here, Bella! Hope to see you all over in my neck of the woods sometime!
How awesome are those chairs, WOW. I love the bees, the words, he he DRONE, that just makes me giggle, and of course the distressed red. You did a great job Kim, as usual :)
Thanks again for stopping by!!

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  1. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a bunch of furniture I am working on. Its a never ending project is it? LOL!

    I got these 2 really cute chairs at a yard sale for $5 each. I am (hopefully) going to start sanding them today. Right now they look horrible but in my head they are amazing :)


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